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Diosdado Cabello: Opposition woke up more divided today

For the first vice president of the Psuv, while the right has a candidate who needs to be "given some wind", Chavismo has one who marches with the workers and the youth

After the political events held in the city of La Victoria, Aragua state, the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello, stated that while Chavismo already has the popular victory, the right is more divided and was demonstrated this weekend.

When referring to the mobilization carried out in the Aragonese city, he indicated that it was "a fight what we gave in quantity, in quality, in joy", while pointing out that the opposition events are the closest thing to a wake "fights among them, the fight to see who is in the photo.”

“No one should be surprised by the great popular victory,” said the first vice president of the Psuv Diosdado Cabello when referring to the tours they have carried out in the national territory, indicating that the 1X 10 is a success as well as a guarantee of peace.

He said that in Victoria they tried to wind up the “puppet and the crank broke, it doesn't turn on even when pushed, that is a reality” and added that the opposition has a “perverse” plan and that “they know why they put it in, they know “What are they betting on?”

He specified that Chavismo today is more united than ever and that the opposition this Monday the 20th woke up more divided than a week ago.

He stressed that on July 28 they will sing fraud

On the other hand, Cabello expressed his solidarity with the Iranian people for the death of their first president Ebrahim Raisi. He said that such events are strange and that investigations will determine what happened. “There is nothing coincidental,” he noted.

Justice for Orlando Figuera

On the other hand, Cabello recalled the death of Orlando Figuera, who was murdered in the vicinity of Plaza Altamira, after being beaten, doused with gasoline and later set on fire by sectors of the right, who proceeded to carry out such an abominable action for "being black and look like a chavista.”

Seven years later there is no justice and one of the perpetrators of the incident is “protected in Spain,” Cabello said, pointing out that those who directed these operations did not want to go to elections and now intend to ask for the vote.

Financing for NGOs

He also reported that this Tuesday the National Assembly is expected to approve the Law that regulates financing for NGOs.

Skeptical regarding Netanyahu's arrest

When asked about the arrest warrant requested by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu, he said that personally he does not believe anything will happen.

“That's like a bad movie trailer, it has nothing to do with the original movie. When I see that they are judging him I will believe. That is enough for the stands to applaud, but they do absolutely nothing in the background and allow themselves to be pressured by the United States government.”

He said that when “we see that man, murderer, criminal, genocidal, imprisoned and on trial, then we will begin to believe in some of this.”

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