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Diosdado Cabello: The opposition acts like a mafia

From Monagas, the first vice president of the PSUV pointed out that after the 28J elections, the 1x10 must become a brigade to provide care to the population

The Venezuelan opposition acts like a mafia and its actions seek to put fear into the Venezuelan people, said the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSU), Diosdado Cabello.

In this sense, during an organizational meeting with the PSUV machinery in Monagas, he called on the militancy to protect the data of the people who are included in the 1×10 to prevent them from being persecuted by the right.

“The right is an expert at starting to send messages to people to try to scare them. They do it with the Armed Forces, with State officials, they do it from strange numbers. The opposition acts like a mafia and they want to scare the people, they are desperate,” she highlighted.

Likewise, he recalled that the leaders of the Venezuelan opposition do not like peace, so they always have a plan up their sleeve to generate violence.

“They do not believe in electoral means because every time there are elections they are presented and then they go to violence, let us close the path to violence and guarantee peace. That opposition leadership will surely seek violence because they know they are going to lose the elections,” he stressed.

1×10 as a social structure

On the other hand, Cabello pointed out that, after the 28-J elections, the 1×10 must become a brigade to provide care to the population.

He highlighted that, for this reason, the 1×10 lists must be limited to the States to ensure that they can reach the population that needs it.

“Now our 1×10 must be limited to the state. You cannot have one in Mérida, one in Guárico, one in Bolívar on your list, that couldn't be. The 1×10 has to be landed in the territory where I live,” he highlighted.

Likewise, he explained that the PSUV machinery is prepared for the presidential elections, however he urged the militancy to continue working to obtain an overwhelming victory.

“Let's do the job well and the opposition will have 6 more years of crying,” he assured while rejecting that the right that asked for sanctions is walking through the streets asking the same people they damaged to vote.

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