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Diosdado Cabello: on June 28 we will win with a great advantage

He assured that with the 1x10x7 electoral machinery, the Revolution will give a big surprise to those who ask for violence

The presidential elections on July 28 will be won by the Revolution by a wide advantage, assured the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello.

During a press conference to present the 1x10x7 registration platform, Cabello urged the revolutionary militancy to prepare to face the opposition, which, once again, in the face of defeat, will claim fraud.

“We are going to win by a great advantage, but we must prepare for the show of the opposition that has never recognized that they are a minority in this country. “They have never respected the will of the people in this country,” he noted.

In this sense, he urged the members of the PSUV to mobilize and try to win the vote of the greatest number of people possible, using the historical arguments that assist the Revolution. “Where there are historical problems and the greatest number of needs is where we have to be,” he highlighted.

"We go further, there are people who voted for the opposition and know that the only one who guarantees peace for this country is the Bolivarian Revolution and President Nicolás Maduro," he emphasized.


On the other hand, Cabello assured that with the registration of 1x10x7 the Revolution will give “a big surprise to those who call for violence.”

He indicated that in the dynamics daily reports will be made to verify, from the national leadership of the party, the progress of the 1x10x7. "For example, we get into a state and we appreciate: if in a state there are 12 municipalities and in 10 municipalities everything is fine and there are two that are not working, we reinforce and we are also going to do so in the social movements," he explained.

He stressed that “no 1×10 we had done before looked like this one. This 1×10 has an extraordinary ethical burden, if I do my 1×10 the first thing I have to do is call, it has to be real and ensure that I am going to vote for Nicolás. Chavismo is a powerful force, but we have to go further.”

Likewise, he pointed out that this will allow each member to be verified so that there are no repetitions.

“After registration comes the crossings; Let's know, for example, when a person from a political party is also in the CLAP, he can be in both but that person will appear only once; so that we can inform President Maduro that 1x10x7 has so much registered, clearly, there is no need to make up lists,” he pointed out.

Likewise, he indicated that the 1x10x7 registration can be done from anywhere in the country, where there is a computer and internet access.

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