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Ships of the Russian Federation Navy are dismissed

The Northern Fleet of ships was in Venezuela since last July 2, with the purpose of deepening technical-military cooperation, according to G/J Vladimir Padrino.

The sectoral vice president of Security and Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino, reported in his account on the social network technical-military cooperation and strengthening friendship between both nations.

He pointed out that Russia and Venezuela “are united in the construction of a more just multipolar world. Good wind and good tide”! said the senior officer.

It is worth remembering that on July 2, the Northern Fleet of military ships from the Amada de Russia, composed of the frigate “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov” and the tanker “Akademik Pashin”.

In addition, the nuclear-powered submarine Kazan and the rescue tug Nikolai Chiker arrived.

The visit of the russian flotilla He arrived in the country (as reported by the Russian embassy), as part of a planned visit during his tour of several ports in the Caribbean; He was previously in Havana, Cuba.

Likewise, on July 5, 46 Russian soldiers participated in the civic-military parade in Los Próceres, regarding the commemoration of the 213 years since the signing of the Independence Act.

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