Government delegation arrived in Mexico for the dialogue table (+ Photos)

Delegation of the Venezuelan Government arrived in Mexico to initiate third meeting of dialogue with the opposition. Photo: Wilmer Errades

At noon this Saturday, the delegation of the Venezuelan government, chaired by the plenipotentiary representative, Jorge Rodríguez, arrived in Mexico to begin the third dialogue meeting with the opposition.

The information was confirmed by the head of the delegation, Jorge Rodríguez, through a post published on his Twitter account @jorgepsuv: «We have arrived in the beautiful and hospitable land of Mexico to defend the truth and dignity of Venezuela. Wait for news from us ».

The arrival of the Venezuelan delegation was expected for this Friday 24, however it was not until this Saturday that they arrived in Mexican territory, where at least three meetings with the parties involved are expected to be held.

The members of the delegation showed banners alluding to the diplomat Alex Saab, who on September 14 was incorporated into the dialogue negotiations that are taking place in the Aztec country.



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