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Delcy Rodríguez: 1x10x7 machinery will guarantee victory

The central coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command condemned the intentions of the extreme right to privatize health, PDVSA and basic companies

This Tuesday, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez supervised the meeting of the 1x10x7 machinery in Caicara del Orinoco, Cedeño municipality, Bolívar state.

In that meeting, he stated that with the help of President Nicolás Maduro, it is the people who govern, who guide the destiny of the country.

He assured that Maduro does not respond to any imperial power, to any businessman. “He works for everyone without distinction and is only commanded by the people of Venezuela. “It is we who drive our destiny.”

“President Maduro is loyal to Venezuela, to Chávez and to his people and that is why he has called on that giant 1x10x7 machinery,” said Rodríguez, commenting that we have to expand throughout the Venezuelan territory and go out to vote on July 28 to guarantee the victory of this country, of President Nicolás Maduro.

“The 1x10x7 machinery is to guarantee a resounding victory for peace,” he said, urging people to work tirelessly starting today.

“They have to talk every day, find out how their neighbor, their co-worker is doing,” explained the central coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command.

He stated that “in the most difficult moments in the life of this Republic, the 1x10x7 machinery with wisdom, determination and courage has known what to do,” which is why he assured that “on July 28 this machinery will guarantee the victory of our Gallo Pinto and victory for Venezuela,” he added. 

The central campaign coordinator also referred to the true intentions of the extreme right, which intends to privatize health, PDVSA and basic companies. “They don't say what they want to do, but we knew what they did, what Juan Guaidó did when he alone proclaimed himself president of Venezuela, on orders from the United States.

In this regard, he said "they stole Citgo, they stole Monómeros, they stole Venezuelans' money in accounts abroad, they sanctioned our industries that are essential for the subsistence of the people, they didn't care at all."

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