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Delcy Rodríguez: the patarucos are cheeky and have never helped the people

He recalled that in 2020, President Maduro fought two battles to serve the people during the pandemic.

The Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, participated in the mobilization held in the Ezequiel Zamora municipality of the Miranda state, from where she sent a message to the leaders of the right so that they do not dare to ask the people for votes this July 28.

“Don't you dare, shamelessly, ask for votes in this sacred territory where there is enough history. They believe that politics is being on WhatsApp from his apartment in New York “joking around” as if we Venezuelans were stupid, as if we didn't even have memory. "I can attest to the President's constant anguish for the people, but above all with his good humor and good spirit and his prayers, always providing solutions for the Venezuelan people," he expressed.

The vice president highlighted that in 2020, the year of the pandemic, she did not remember any pataruco who had participated in a house-to-house brigade or as a volunteer to care for those who were infected with covid.

“I do remember that in the year the country went from having income of 60 billion dollars, to having income of only 740 million dollars. What am I going to tell you that you don't know about the wounds caused by criminal sanctions. But that same year, the president managed to bring more than 70 million doses of vaccines to the country so that they could be distributed free of charge to the people, including the Patarucos, without distinction. And they screamed because President Maduro denied the entry of the English AstraZeneca vaccine because it harmed the health of human beings, but in 2020 only the President said it, standing by his decision not to harm the Venezuelan people" and now they say (the right) that this vaccine is contraindicated for human beings due to its side effects, he commented.

“The patarucos are a true mafia, because not only did they show their face, but they have never helped even a little in the worst difficulties of the people, but they continued to ask for sanctions, without caring about the suffering of the people.” But the Venezuelan people have historical memory, they know that in the fourth Republic only exclusion and contempt for the people prevailed.

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