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Delcy Rodríguez: the communal hurricane has been unleashed in Venezuela

The vice president of the Republic highlighted that the communes have made an important contribution to the national economy

“Long live the communal hurricane that has been unleashed throughout Venezuela, I want to congratulate you, because I know all the effort you are putting into the needs of our people!” This was stated by the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez during her participation in the 1st National Meeting with Community Members, at the Bicentennial Fair Complex of Barquisimeto, Lara state, where an activity was carried out with the Head of State and 4 thousand community circuits. .

Rodríguez highlighted that the community members are attending to “what is most meaningful, what is most beautiful for the future, what is productive. President, I know that the communes, the communal councils, the communal circuits also make their very important contribution to the national economy, the productive exhibition that the communes make with their hands, with their heart and their conscience makes us know and have certainty of that the future of Venezuela is one of victory.”

He ended by saying “Long live the hurricane throughout our country, spread with love and happiness!”

During the event, the President ordered the vice president to proceed to deposit the money for 220 communities, so that they can carry out their projects.

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