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Venezuela Our Command exchanges with social movements

International coordinator of the Command, Delcy Rodríguez, leads virtual conference with more than 500 participants from around the world

The international general coordinator of the Campaign Command “Our Venezuela, 21st Century”, Delcy Rodríguez, leads this Monday a videoconference with the social and political movements of the world to show the truth of our country.

As reviewed Venezuelan Television More than 500 people participate in the online meeting.

Likewise, present along with the international coordinator of the Command, are the members of the team: Nicolás Maduro Guerra, Samuel Moncada, Carmen Meléndez, William Castillo, Rander Peña and Rodolfo Crespo.

“Union and collective work are fundamental to face the new challenges of this appointment with democracy,” he highlighted. Delcy Rodriguez about the July 28 election, during his speech before representatives of social and political movements from more than 90 nations.

Likewise, he highlighted the meeting as "a favorable space to make known the Venezuelan reality, a nation attacked by the imposition of 930 unilateral coercive measures."


During his speech at the meeting, Rodríguez highlighted the importance of the July 28 election, and highlighted that the government program proposed by Nicolás Maduro was built at the grassroots with the people themselves.

“More than 65 thousand assemblies were held in Venezuela during two months. More than two and a half million Venezuelans participated to build a program that we have called the 7 Transformaciones.net, a new stage of transition to socialism,” he explained.

In this sense, he stated that the only transition that there will be in Venezuela is the consolidation of the model of equity and social justice of Bolivarian socialism.

He highlighted that the Venezuelan people have been recovering with their own efforts. In this sense, he highlighted the advances in production in the country.

“We went from 95% shortage in 2015, today we have 97% supply, practically full supply,” he highlighted as an example of this recovery.

Finally, the International General Coordinator of the Campaign Command “Our Venezuela He thanked the people of the world for their support in the face of imperialism's aggression.

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