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Carlos Vecchio supports Guyana before the Southern Command

Vecchio asked the Southern Command to intervene in a possible conflict between Guyana and Venezuela.

The fugitive from Venezuelan justice, protected by the United States government, Carlos Vecchio, participated in a conference given by the Chief of the US Southern Command, Laura Richardson, in which he made clear his partiality in favor of Guyana in the diatribe with respect to Guayana Esequiba, which historically forms part of Venezuelan territory.

The opposition politician, speaking at the conference given at the Wilson Center in Washington, questioned Richardson about his assessment of what he called “the conflict between Guyana and Venezuela that (Nicolás) Maduro has been escalating” through of “military actions”, just at a time when the Southern Command increases its threatening presence in the neighboring country.

Vecchio questioned the Chief of the Southern Command if she believed that this “escalation” against Guyana was part of a strategy by President Maduro to suspend the presidential elections scheduled for July 28, or if she believes that it could be a possible military aggression.

Although Richardson appreciated the flattery offered by the fugitive from Venezuelan justice, he hoped for a peaceful resolution of the controversy. Despite this, he did not hesitate to describe the position of the Venezuelan government in defense of his territory as “unacceptable saber rattling.”

The participation of the far-right politician was described by the Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Venezuela to the UN, Samuel Moncada, as an act of “betrayal of the Armed Forces of his own country” and revealed the use that the US makes of mercenaries. like Vecchio, to promote a narrative against the legitimate defense of the national territory.

Moncada accused Vecchio of being part of the elite that is willing to hand over the Essequibo “stolen by the British empire” and of “begging the Southern Command to support Guyana against Venezuela.”

Finally, the diplomat pointed out that the right-wing leader was trying to “destroy the July 28 elections,” joining the campaign for an alleged suspension of the electoral process, just at a time when the candidacy of the main opposition standard-bearer, Edmundo González, did not seems to raise support among the masses.

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