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Chancellor: Venezuela continues to defeat US isolation attempts

Yván Gil, after voting against the US in the UN, condemned that Yankee imperialism insists on its failed policy of ignoring the legitimate institutions of Venezuela

The Chancellor of the Republic, Yván Gil, highlighted Venezuela's achievements in the face of international isolation efforts led by the United States, through a publication on his account on the social network X.

The Foreign Minister's statement comes after the election of the Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, as vice president of the General Assembly, representing the Latin American and Caribbean region.

“Venezuela continues to defeat the attempts at isolation promoted by Yankee imperialism and its allies in the Venezuelan oligarchy. They still insist on prolonging over time the failed policy of self-proclamation and ignorance of the legitimate institutions of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the president. @NicolasMaduro as head of state, with the sole purpose of legitimizing theft of the nation's assets and companies as they do with CITGO."

In his publication, Gil shared the message of Moncada, whose election was carried out by acclamation and without voting, which symbolizes recognition by the international community and reinforces Venezuela's position on the world stage.

In this context, the chancellor celebrated Venezuela's tenacity in resisting attempts at isolation, a strategy that, according to him, has been promoted by sectors of the Venezuelan oligarchy. This statement comes at a historical moment of political and economic tensions, in which the Venezuelan Government has sought to strengthen its ties with other countries and international organizations.

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