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Chancellor: capitalist model is in crisis and we are called to change course

The Minister for Foreign Relations, Félix Plasencia, inaugurated the World People's Congress for Peace, a space to present proposals that can counteract the current challenges facing humanity and the planet in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

"We met to discuss the need to deepen the guarantee of the political, economic and social rights of humanity for the well-being of the peoples," said the Venezuelan diplomat at the beginning of the conference, which is held virtually. .

In this sense, he recalled that it is necessary to "change course" in the face of the new challenges that are presented in the world, due to the failure of the capitalist model, which is in crisis.

“The dominant model of capital accumulation is in crisis and there is no way to solve it, because there is no other planet that can buy it. Our resources are running out, our existence is endangered and we are called to change the course”, he pointed out.

Among the planned debates are those referring to the self-determination of peoples, judicialization and repression of social struggles; feminism, indigenous peoples, defense of the environment, political prisoners, economic-social-cultural rights from the perspective of the citizen of the Great Homeland, refers the Venezuelan News Agency.

In this regard, the foreign minister referred to the situation in the country, as a result of the attacks by the United States, and stated that the North American nation is not a "judge State that can determine what is and what is not a democracy."

"Once again, it demonstrates its arrogance by deciding that in a world of such diverse realities and thoughts it can become the only judge State that can determine what is and what is not a democracy," said the Venezuelan foreign minister.

In the same way, he recalled the attack on the Capitol, a fact recorded on January 6 of this year, when supporters of the then outgoing president, Donald Trump, stormed the headquarters of Congress to avoid the certification of the victory of Joe Biden, in the elections 2020.

“It is a strange democracy that, at the beginning of the year, saw its own system falter with the violent and unprecedented takeover of its capitol, but which, in addition, repeatedly violates the principles of the UN Charter,” he stressed.