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Hair: those who want a war to happen in the country will be left wanting

The first vice president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, rebuked the Venezuelan people not to allow right-wing fascism to assume any position of power in the country.

"Those who hope that a war will occur in Venezuela will be left wanting, because the people will come out on July 28 to vote to maintain the Bolivarian Revolution." This was stated by the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, during his participation in the solemn session of the legislative council of the state of Lara for the birth of the eponymous hero, Jacinto Lara.

In this sense, he urged the Venezuelan people not to allow right-wing fascism to assume any position of power in the country.

"Let's not allow fascism to occupy any space in Venezuela, we must fight it wherever it appears,"

Likewise, he highlighted that the Venezuelan opposition is made up of agents of international fascism and supports the massacre of the Palestinian people perpetrated by Israeli Zionism.

Likewise, he pointed out that, in the event of military aggression by foreign powers against our country, the spokesmen of the right who have called for invasions will be sought and treated as traitors to the Homeland.

“They ask that foreign forces invade our country while their children are living elsewhere. The day that a gringo, imperialist soldier sets foot in Venezuela, those who have requested sanctions and invasions will be immediately declared enemies of the Homeland. Here the imperialists will not get allies,” he highlighted.

Safe elections

Cabello reiterated that, despite the threats and campaigns against the country, elections will be held on July 28 to choose who will be the President of the Republic.

“On July 28 there will be elections, whoever has the most votes wins. We are betting that the people express their will, that was the route that Commander Chávez left us. There are going to be elections here and it will be a great popular victory,” he emphasized.

Likewise, he warned of the existence of violent plans by the opposition to subvert order due to their lack of popular support. “They are going to try violence and we are going to stop them in time. They do not deserve a drop of blood from a Venezuelan,” he highlighted.

We patriots cannot fail

Cabello urged the patriots not to fail in the defense of the nation. “True patriots love their country and we will never hear them ask for military invasion, sanctions and blockades for the country. We patriots cannot fail,” he stressed.

Also, he highlighted that during the years of the covid-1,9 pandemic, while the right was asking imperialism to sanction Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro embraced the people.

“That was a show of loyalty at the highest level, no one can deny that. Right now we are in a time of promoting loyalty, of fighting, of persevering and I am sure that this town will never give up,” he stressed.

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