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Cabello: “We are not going to allow the oligarchy to start a civil war”

El líder politician showed a pamphlet attributed to the opposition, which advances plans against Chavismo after the elections.

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, denounced in his program Con El Mazo Dando, that sectors of the Venezuelan right, supported by imperialism, have an agenda to start a civil war in the country by ignoring the results of the presidential elections.

However, he explained that these plans clash with the intention of the machinery of the revolutionary forces, to defend peace in the streets. 

“They must have the University Stadium prepared for the trial that opposition fascism announces against the Chavistas, just as happened in Chile in 1973 after the overthrow of the democratic government of Salvador Allende,” Cabello denounced when showing a pamphlet attributed to the opposition in which they present the plans of this sector after the elections of July 28.

Given these plans, Cabello emphasized that Chavismo in the last 25 years has fought, resisted and defeated fascist plans and built its own victories. 

“They are tangled in that house”

El líder politician made some reflections on the deep differences that exist between opposition sectors, which fail to clearly explain to the country what their intentions are if they come to power. “Why don't they say clearly what role María Corina Machado is going to play if Edmundo González wins?” she asked.

Given this situation, Cabello presented a series of interviews with candidate González, in which he evades the question about what role Machado will play in a hypothetical government of his. “She will assume the role that corresponds to her in Venezuelan politics… She can participate in any area of ​​government… She will occupy a prominent position,” the candidate said confused on different occasions.

In this sense, Cabello said that “they are tangled in that house,” when referring to the internal situation of the Venezuelan right and reiterated that with this type of strategy they will not be able to convince the Venezuelan people.

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