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Hair: Maduro is the people, they don't have to wear a costume

From Lara, he urged us to be prepared with the 1x10 list for the July 28 elections.

The first vice president of the United Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello stated that the candidate for re-election, President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro “is just like us, he is the people, he does not have to wear a disguise.”

In a mega march that started from the Ana Soto parish of Lara state, the people expressed their support for President Maduro and their firm rejection of the so-called sanctions. Cabello called to be “prepared with a list in hand,” he said, referring to the 1 × 10 method, to go vote.

“Nicolás Maduro is the one of Chávez, he is the one of the Revolution, he is the candidate of love for the country, who has not given up. We have arguments,” said the líder politician before the crowd that listened to him.

He stressed that while the “last names” ask for sanctions and blockades, who wanted to assassinate the president, “now they come to tell the people 'vote for me', they are shameless, shameless, they have no morals.”

Cabello stated that “we patriots cannot fail the noble people of Venezuela” and recalled that “those who are doomed to failure are the true sellouts,” he expressed.

For this reason, he argued that, “let us not allow ourselves to be manipulated, with a lot of revolutionary consciousness we go to the streets, to battle and to victory, together with Bolívar, Chávez and Nicolás, always together with the people, we will win!”

“Nicolás Maduro has been in the street and we see him walking with the students, with the youth, with the workers, and tomorrow we see him in a factory, and last in a march with the family, he is an active president, with energy, with strength, with character. He is a líder popular,” he concluded.

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