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Cabello: opposition puppets are not capable of facing the people

A red tide filled the streets of La Victoria in the state of Aragua

A red tide unfolded in the streets of the city of La Victoria, Aragua state when a mobilization of red awning activists was deployed in support of the Bolivarian Revolution and in rejection of the sanctions and blockade.

On a festive day, the revolutionaries received Diosdado Cabello, central coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, who was at the head of the mobilization, along with the governor of the state of Aragua, Karina Carpio; The head of mobilization of the Psuv, Pedro Infante and the Minister of Education, Yelitza Santaella, motivated those present from the stage.

Cabello made reference to the visit that had been announced by the opposition leaders. “They didn't give the puppet enough rope, they are never going to face the people in a demonstration,” he said.

“That is the candidate of the surnames, of the bourgeoisie, of the haters, of those who sell the country, of those who do not care about the fate of the country, he is the candidate of those who asked for sanctions, they do not care about the people or the country . But we have the candidate of the Homeland, of the Bolivarian Revolution, Nicolás Maduro, who is in the streets with the people,” he said.

"They (the right) do not feel love for our country and that hatred of theirs, we are going to defeat it with the love that Chávez sowed throughout the national territory."

Oil the 1X10 machinery

The first vice president of the Psuv, Diosdado Cabello, called on the Aragueño revolutionaries to oil the machinery of the 1×10 to “express their support for the Bolivarian Revolution, in the elections of this July 28, “to fight a battle and achieve a resounding victory” in the elections of July 28

“Anyone who puts a name there, on their 1×10, has to make sure that person goes to vote. All PSUV structures must have the 1×10 registered. If you are a militant, you must also have your 1 × 10,” he explained in a didactic manner to those present.

He specified that among the primary tasks of the 1×10 bosses is not only to register names, but to guarantee that this vote is executed. “My job is that I write down 10 and I have to visit them every day, every week, so that that vote is consolidated,” he said.

Regarding the allied parties and social movements that make up the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), Cabello noted that they have their mechanisms to mobilize the vote. “The GPP parties have great strength, and hence our recognition,” he expressed. 

The governor of the state of Aragua, Karina Carpio, indicated that the rejection of the imposition of unilateral coercive measures by the United States, which have been bravely resisted by the Venezuelan people, is overwhelming.

“We decided to be free and today there is a strong demonstration of what independence and freedom represent for us. President Maduro counts on the people of Aragua, here are the people who rock the cradle of the revolution,” he emphasized.

Carpio highlighted that the revolutionary electoral machinery of the 18 municipalities is preparing to guarantee the triumph of President Nicolás Maduro in the July 28 elections.

“We are going with the 1×10 and this July 28 we will demonstrate our life project that we will not let ourselves be torn away from. Nobody gave us anything, we earned everything through struggles. And we will not let anything be taken away from us, we decided to be free,” the president emphasized.

Earlier, through his account on X, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted the impact of the popular mobilizations during the electoral campaign as something “unprecedented.”

“The importance of the electoral campaign that we are doing is that it mobilizes and occupies space locally, convincing the neighbor in their neighborhood, in their urban planning and community. It's something unprecedented, never seen before! May a thousand local mobilizations of the People continue to flourish,” she wrote.

With information from María Elena Castillo, Aragua correspondent

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