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Cabello: The opposition's move is to claim fraud

The first vice president of the PSUV said that once again the opposition will not recognize the results.

In his television program 'Con el Mazo Dando', the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, said that the opposition sectors will not recognize the electoral results of next July 28.

“The opposition has already put its move on the table. Is this the first time they've done it? No. We have had 30 elections and in all the ones they lose they say that we 'fraud' them, and in this one they are going to say the same thing. They are already saying that it is not a real election and that the results will be rigged. That is the opinion of Elliott Abrams and for the patarucos it becomes an order,” he said.

He added that “each and every member of the right started talking about 'fraud' this week and that will be the story between now and July 28, when they will say that there was 'fraud' and that the next day they will present the evidence, as is as they have done in every election and they never present them.”

This week, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, invited all candidates to sign a commitment to recognize the electoral results that the National Electoral Council (CNE) will read on election day.

“I believe in the electoral system, I believe in Venezuelan democracy, I believe in the people, in deep and true democracy. "I'm ready," the first national president announced during his weekly program Con Maduro+ this Monday, June 10.

“We have been the promoters of dialogue, against the haters for respect for the National Constitution and that blessed day of victory, the first thing I will do is call for a great dialogue of understanding to harmonize the vision of the future,” he added.

However, the candidate Edmundo González refused to sign this agreement this Tuesday, June 11, opening the way to ignoring the will of the voters.

Privatization plan

Cabello assured that the Venezuelan people should have no doubt that the government plan of the opposition sector is to privatize the country's public services.

The statement was made in reference to a publication by the member of the Campaign Command of candidate Edmundo González, the opponent Macky Arenas, who wants the right to privatize everything in Venezuela.

“That is their plan, that is the proposal they have; the privatization of health, education, the elimination of (Social) Insurance, they hide that behind a figure, which they call private administration of pension funds,” he warned.

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