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Cabello from Carúpano: Let's win with truths

He pointed out that the revolution has the arguments, morality and organization to knock on the doors of the people, while the "patarucos" are "scoundrels and scoundrels" who came out to ask for sanctions and blockade.

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and central coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” Campaign Command, Diosdado Cabello, pointed out that the revolution has the arguments, morals and organization to knock on the doors of the people, while the “Patrucos” are “scoundrels and scoundrels” who came out to ask for sanctions and a blockade.

This was stated from the Bermúdez municipality, Sucre state, where a crowd gathered in support of the candidacy of President Nicolás Maduro and in rejection of unilateral coercive measures.

“Nicolás wins on the 28th, the opposition and imperialism know it, but it is more important that the people who will come out en masse to vote on the 28th know it,” Cabello said while saying that the 1x10x7 is having an optimal organization.

He said that the revolutionary militancy must go visit and knock on the doors of the houses, since it has the morale and the necessary arguments to demonstrate that the candidate for peace and prosperity is Nicolás Maduro, since among other things he was the who was in the middle of the pandemic, facing the country in search of vaccines.

He recalled that in the middle of the blockade, Maduro never gave up while the “patarucos” were asking for blockades and burning living beings.

For this reason, he said that in the event that a “squalid” person goes to ask for the vote, anyone present “has a truckload of arguments” to reject them since many had to close their businesses, see deceased relatives, due to the blockade.

El líder of the red awning, said that we must go beyond the party, "each of us has at least one person who has never voted for us (...) there are those who may be squalid and oppositional and are disappointed (...) there we must take advantage ”, he pointed out.

In this sense, Cabello reiterated that on July 28 the opposition is going to claim fraud and they have even indicated that regardless of the result they will go to Miraflores, to which Cabello said "well, we are street people," he pointed out and urged the population to go. that day to Miraflores if necessary.

“He (Nicolás) comes from the neighborhood, from the community, he is one of us, he does not need to wear a costume, he knows how to beat copper in the streets, and these years have given him the experience to continue being governed in peace,” he noted.

Cabello reiterated that 1x10x7 should consider one who has never voted for the revolution, a new voter and that they should be checked every day to see how they feel. “That 1×10 must become social, cultural, sporting, productive in the area where we live. Furthermore, there is no space for screens here (…) if you have 8, those 8 should go and vote for Nicolás,” he stated.

Carúpano with the country

When referring to concentration, the líder of the PSUV exclaimed “What a beautiful march, a great demonstration of the people in the street, I see many young people here, fishermen, peasants!”, and stressed that the presence of women in the revolutionary process is fundamental since it guarantees that the country remain undefeated.

“Women know how to command, they make themselves obey, with affection but firmness, they never give up, in the worst situations the Venezuelan woman always raises the flags (…),” he added.

Finally, Cabello highlighted that July 28 is the great battle, “imperialism is unleashed threatening, that if the European Union does not come they are going to get angry, well, get angry. "They're not going to come and scare us at this point, we're not going to fool anyone."

Carupaneros marched in support of Nicolás Maduro

The Chavista people of the city of Carúpano, in the state of Sucre; It overflowed the streets of the Bolívar parish of this town, as a show of support and support for the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro.

Between songs and slogans, the revolutionary people marched from the entrance of the Playa Grande sector to Las Mercedes Street in this coastal city in the state of Sucre, to repudiate the sanctions and blockade imposed by the North American government.

During the mobilization, the revolutionary militancy walked the streets in the company of the first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv); God given hair; the governor of the state of Sucre, Gilberto Pinto; the mayor of Carúpano, Julio Rodríguez; and other members of the state political team of the political organization.

With great joy and full of feeling of patriotism, the young people and people of all ages made it clear that this July 28 they will go out en masse to participate in the presidential elections, called by the National Electoral Council (CNE), to guarantee the re-election of the National Executive. .

“This is a beautiful manifestation of loyalty and commitment. I want to congratulate all the people of Carúpano and especially the Bolívar parish that has come out to ratify its support for President Nicolás Maduro,” said Governor Gilberto Pinto.

The regional leader highlighted that this great mobilization is a message of unity and loyalty that the Carupanero people send to the Venezuelan right, which in complicity with the North American empire tried to steal the country's peace.

“Carúpano does not accept any bullshit. Here, there are committed, loyal, conscious, brave, anti-imperialist and Chavista men and women, who say to the stateless, to the right, to the one who crawled before the honeys of North American imperialism to end the tranquility of the homeland, that We have a brave president who has guaranteed peace and protection of the people and this July 28 we are going to give him a great victory,” Pinto stressed.

For his part, Guillermo Rodríguez, líder community, reiterated that President Nicolás Maduro “has been the only man capable of guaranteeing well-being and protection despite adversity.”

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