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Development of the 1×10 advances in the communities

Street bosses approach opponents and new voters

Looking ahead to the next presidential elections on July 28, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) develops the 1×10 strategy, with which the red awning seeks to guarantee total success in those elections.

The advisor, sociologist, political analyst and PSUV activist, Anibal Espejo, recalled that the 1×10 was one of the first organizational and mobilization tactics carried out since the time of Commander Hugo Chávez.

He indicated that this methodology has also been used to address the organization of marches against the great powers and, of course, for electoral mobilization.

He explained that the 1×10 strategy involves the creation of electoral support networks, where each participant undertakes to guarantee the attendance of 10 other voters in the electoral process.

1×10 a large bastion.

Espejo also stated that “one of the things that the Revolutionary Government has as a strength is the 1×10 machinery, which has a very strong mobilization capacity and is used both to mobilize people on election day, as well as such as transporting them, knocking on the door of their houses so they can go vote, among other things”, stressing that, at the same time, it is a super efficient method to achieve the greatest number of votes possible, and sometimes exceeds expectations.
Of the drill. Despite the efficiency of the 1×10, two drills are being prepared, one of them will be held this Sunday, June 9.
In this regard, the aforementioned analyst assured that the simulations are of utmost importance, since they represent an opportunity for Venezuelans to become familiar with the electoral system and reinforce the organizational structure necessary for successful elections, also a favorable opportunity for revolutionary militancy to promote a greater political awareness and a commitment to the future of the country.

Social movements. These organizations, the sociologist assured, also play an important role in the development of the 1×10, such as that of sexual diversity, animal rights, artisans, popular cultists, farmers, all of them are also organizing their 1× 10, which adds, then, to all the mobilization of votes that the Psuv does.

The allies. Another dimension that will contribute to the 1x10 are the parties allied to the Revolution such as the Future Party, the Green Party, the Tupamaros, among other organizations that are applying the 1x10, it is a tactic that is deployed both territorially as in social movements, and that is a great advantage that the opposition does not have, because it lacks a sufficient organizational structure to mobilize its people, and in addition the opposition voters do not have the discipline that the revolutionaries have.

Of the mechanism. Through the aforementioned system that seeks to mobilize the vote in favor of the Revolution, each mobilizer registers on a list 10 or more people from their community, registered in the Electoral Registry, who are willing to vote for President Maduro, with data such as ID number, telephone number and voting center where the person registered on the 1×10 list will vote, the analyst said.

Testimonies from the people. One of the challenges of the 1×10 is to incorporate a new voter, or an opponent to contribute to the construction of a resounding victory.
In that sense, the head of the community of the El Mirador Residential complex, in Guatire, Miranda state, Lorena Alfonzo, stated that the opponents who have been incorporated into the 1×10 are those who “are not very convinced of their líderes, who have not been serious with their sympathizers, well, they never gave answers to their voters.”
Similarly, Alfonzo reported that when the street leaders carry out house-to-house in their community, “they present with serious arguments to the neighbors the great achievements of the social policies of the national government such as, for example, the great system of missions, health aid, such as the delivery of medications, blood pressure monitors, wheelchairs and canes, among others, to those who need it, demonstrating to the street leaders of my community President Maduro's interest in the well-being of his people ”.
Likewise, he said that "the street leaders speak to the new voters and also to the opponents about the delivery of the Homeland Bonds and the Clap bags, which represent an endorsement that not only supports the management of President Maduro, but also In addition, it contributes to the good life and well-being of Venezuelans.”
He said that the dissatisfied residents of his community “we integrate them into social work so that they understand the importance of the leading participation of the people, and the young people who are going to vote for the first time, we also integrate them into social and electoral work, and they They feel taken into account, they are motivated to carry out tasks in the community such as, for example, recreational activities, gas delivery, many of them also help older adults; These young people have become aware of the importance of collective work and the defense of human rights.”
He stressed that with the Revolution “young people today have the opportunity to study, work, recreate, take courses, as well as do many things that did not happen before, and that if the opposition wins, all the doors that are open to them right now will be closed.” "What is happening in Argentina with Milei would happen."
In The Asylum. The representative of the PSUV political team in the El Manicomio sector, La Pastora parish, Magnolia González, told her experience about the approach of the street bosses in her sector to those who have never voted to incorporate them into the 1 × 10 .
“Some neighbors not affected by the Revolution were reluctant, but others, who are the majority, do believe in us, we have captured them, we have spoken with them, attending to the solution of some of their needs or proposals that they have made to us. , which we have resolved, they have seen results and that is why they have been integrated into the 1×10 mechanism.”
Likewise, he indicated that some of the neighbors have even gratefully joined the 1x10, because “we have helped them resolve situations in their streets that had not been resolved for years, until the Revolutionary Government arrived with the good 1x10. government, linked to the electoral 1×10.”

The three steps

Recently, the first vice president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, reported that for the electoral victory of the red awning to be perfect, three steps must be completed: Convince to win, the mobilizers must go house to house in their respective communities to argue with them. why they should vote for the revolutionary project. Secondly, mobilizers must also seek to convince voters through example.
And thirdly, they must organize them so that they come to exercise their right to vote without delay in their respective electoral centers for the final victory.

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