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AN commemorates International Day of Women in Diplomacy

They highlighted the fundamental role that Bolivarian diplomats have had in the defense of our Homeland.

As part of the commemoration of the International Day of Women in Diplomacy, a master class was held on the role of Venezuelan women in Bolivarian Peace Diplomacy, promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, led by the Vice Minister for Europe of the Ministry of the Popular Power for Foreign Relations, Ambassador Coromoto Godoy Calderón.

At the event, held in the Protocol Chamber of the Federal Legislative Palace, Ambassador Godoy Calderón made a historical tour that covered the last two decades in which our country has been the target of all types of destabilization and aggression operations, highlighting the fundamental role that The Bolivarian diplomats have had in the defense of our Homeland.

Likewise, he denounced the contradictions of capitalism and imperialism
that continues to stalk our people, “highlighting intelligent diplomatic action,
committed, brave, revolutionary that anti-imperialist women exercise in politics
abroad”, refers to the organization's press release.

The Venezuelan diplomat enriched her presentation by revealing some episodes of her
personal experience with Commander Hugo Chávez in the various destinations in
which has represented our country.

Likewise, he gave special recognition to Vice President Delcy Rodríguez, the first female Chancellor in the history of our Republic, “who carries the revolution and love for the country in her blood.” Likewise, he also dedicated words of recognition and admiration to the First Fighter Cilia Flores.

To conclude, Ambassador Godoy Calderón reiterated that one cannot speak of
revolutionary diplomacy without equality and without feminism, recognizing the arduous and profound
work carried out by President Nicolás Maduro to guarantee the presence of
Venezuelan women in all spaces of our country, also including the
conduct of foreign policy.

The president of the Subcommittee on Integration and Border Affairs, Representative Vanesa Montero, expressed that it has been essential for Parliament to recognize the work that women carry out in any space, through diplomacy.

The participation of the President of the Permanent Commission on Family, Freedom, Religion and Worship, Representative Asia Villegas Poljak, also stood out, who proposed promoting June 22 as a day of national celebration; since women are, in diplomacy, a líder in defense of the truth of Venezuela.

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