AN approves agreement that ratifies sovereignty over the Essequibo

The National Assembly unanimously approved the text on sovereignty in the Essequibo territory. Photo Wilmer Errades

In an extraordinary session of the National Assembly, the parliament approved the ratification and defense agreement on the sovereignty of Venezuela over the territory of Guayana Esequiba. This document, which collects the wills of the representatives of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the unitary platform of the opposition in Mexico, was unanimously endorsed this Tuesday.

The document seeks to resume the negotiation channels, with absolute respect for the Venezuelan constitution, international law and the 1966 Geneva agreement, which establishes that the Venezuelan territory has the limits that corresponded to the Captaincy General of Venezuela since its declaration of independence in 1811.

In this sense, the document signed by the parties assumes that the International Court of Justice, which made a decision on this territory, does not have jurisdiction in this case, which is why it is not recognized by Venezuela in this case.

Deputy Francisco Torrealba, who is part of this delegation in Mexico, said he was very happy to be part of the delegation designated by the Government of Nicolás Maduro Moros, due to the magnitude of the achievements that are being achieved at this negotiating table.

In his opinion, it is an achievement of the utmost importance that "the most stateless opposition sector has been brought to sit at a table to discuss the problems of our country."

"Those who created a government fiction offered exploitation concessions to the United Kingdom in that territory in exchange for the recognition of that illegitimate government," Torrealba recalled in his speech before the plenary.

He said that “this is the first in a long list of meetings and we will all attend. Wherever we have to go to defend the rights of the homeland, we will go ”.



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