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Amoroso invites the drill: “100% of the machines installed”

The principal rector of the CNE said that it is an opportune time to become familiar with the voting system.

The principal rector and president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Elvis Amoroso, reported that all the electoral material, CNE personnel and the total number of machines enabled for this Sunday's simulation are now 100% installed.

“100% assistance from the CNE technical staff nationwide, 100% of the machines installed in all electoral centers,” Amoroso said while highlighting that this day is a historic day that strengthens Venezuelan democracy.

With the presence of all the main and alternate rectors of the electoral body, observers from the UN, the Carter Center and other electoral institutions from countries in the region, the president of the CNE reported that the electoral party began in the country.

“If anyone is interested in seeing this electoral process, we are precisely the rectors of the CNE, since we have one of the most transparent processes in the world and today we are going to demonstrate it,” he said.

He invited the people in general to familiarize themselves with the machine that will be used on July 28, while congratulating the voters for their democratic vocation and their enthusiasm to participate in the electoral processes.

“I want to congratulate the people of Venezuela who have been in the streets since very early. Once again the people are deepening democracy, he said after touring some electoral centers,” he commented.

He left a message of receptivity to international observers, but also a warning to respect Venezuelan laws. “The observers will be deployed throughout the national territory and will have company to receive guidance… they must respect the constitution and laws of the country, it is the only thing we ask here,” he stated.

For this Sunday, June 30, 1174 voting centers and 3006 polling stations are enabled for the simulation.

Amoroso reiterated that the only requirement to participate is to have the identity card even if it has expired and that the right can be exercised at any electoral center, so that the voter becomes familiar with the system and the machine.

In this process there are 21.392.464 voters qualified to participate in the simulation.

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