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Alba-TCP welcomes debate at the UN on the end of coercive measures

The block of countries applauds the initiative and celebrates that more than two thirds of UN member states reject unilateral coercive measures

The member states of ALBA-TCP welcome the holding in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly of the debate on the “Elimination of extraterritorial unilateral coercive measures”, used as an instrument of political and economic coercion, on June 13, 2024, in New York City.

This was announced by the bloc of countries through a statement published on its social network account X, in which it applauds the initiative, called by the Group of Friends in defense of the Charter of the United Nations.

In this sense, it reiterates its rejection of this illegal practice that seeks to justify the attacks perpetrated against the people of at least a third of the planet, who are subject to collective punishments for political motivations.

Likewise, it celebrates that during this debate within the General Assembly, on June 13, more than two thirds of the member states of the Organization agreed in their rejection of unilateral coercive measures, which violate the Charter of Nations. United Nations and International Law, promoted by the United States.

Finally, the document expresses its rejection of any attempt at political coercion on sovereign countries, hindering their economic, social and political development and undermining the dignity and security of their citizens.

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