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ALBA-TCP condemns US actions to strip Citgo from Venezuela

The Alliance asks the international community to strongly condemn the "piracy" actions against the country.

Through a statement, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), condemned the actions undertaken by the United States government, which have led to the dispossession of the Venezuelan company Citgo, with headquarters in that country, in a move considered illegal, according to international trade rules.

In the text, the Alliance maintains that the action "violates the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter, International Law and the freedom of economic activities of States." He adds that this “deepens the constant threat to the sovereignty and right to development of Venezuela.”

ALBA-TCP qualifies this procedure as an act of piracy, which has “direct consequences on the well-being of the people, in Washington's cynical and extortionate desire to suffocate the Venezuelan economy.”

Likewise, the Alliance called on the international community to speak out loudly to condemn this act perpetrated by the US administration, which “seeks to obtain assets that do not belong to it to impose its illegitimate and supremacist agenda of intervention in the internal affairs of others.” State".

On this point, the Chinese government sat position by forcefully repudiating the scheme of sanctions and coercive measures applied by Washington, and urged his government to allow the free development of the countries.

ALBA-TCP supports all legal, diplomatic and political actions that Venezuela undertakes to maintain the assets that belong to its people.

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