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ALBA-TCP warns of possible lawfare against Daniel Jadue

The Alliance denounced that the judicial investigation against Mayor Jadue could create another situation of political persecution

The member states of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) are following with great attention the judicial formalization and preventive detention of the mayor of the Municipality of Recoleta, in Chile, Daniel Jadue, carried out this Monday, June 3, 2024.

“The 10 member countries of the ALBATCP are closely following the judicial process and the preventive detention of the Chilean mayor, Daniel Jadue,” wrote its Executive Secretary, Jorge Arreaza on the X network.

Here is the full text of the statement:

In recent years, Our America has been the scene of regrettable cases of judicialization of politics or lawfare. The concern of this Alliance lies in the fact that the judicial investigation and the arrest warrant against Mayor Jadue, whose political profile is national in Chile, could constitute another situation of political persecution using State institutions. 

The member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance have systematically condemned and condemn the practices of lawfare and the use of justice systems for political and partisan purposes. In this sense, they will continue to follow up on this sensitive case and express their solidarity with Daniel Jadue, maintaining the expectation that the Chilean justice system acts in accordance with the law, the facts and the truth so that Mayor Jadue can continue working and complete the mandate that the citizens gave him at the polls, with the commitment and honesty that has always characterized him.

 Caracas, June 7, 2024

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