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10 years of GMVV with a new goal: exceed 5 million delivered

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, participated in the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission, which highlighted the milestone of 3.550.000 decent homes delivered to the people in the Bolivarian revolution.

The president highlighted the importance of the launch of this initiative created by Commander Hugo Chávez, which has brought happiness and dignity to the Venezuelan people by building and offering affordable housing compared to those offered by the capitalist market.

"The Great Mission Housing Venezuela and Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor have to go in a single plan, with a single vision, building housing and decent habitat for the happiness of all Venezuelan families," said the head of state, who said he felt proud to continue Chávez's dream.

The ceremony was attended by beneficiaries of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission, which marked memorable milestones in the housing delivery process. From the first beneficiary, starting with the number 1 million, two million and three million, these last three, delivered by President Maduro.

The national president recognized the work of former ministers Ricardo Molina and Farruco Sesto, with whose contribution the fundamental steps were taken for the materialization of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission, advising Commander Chávez on the birth of this social program.

New goal for 2024

The head of state stressed that he trusts that the country will move on a better economic course with the efforts of the entire country, and that thanks to this, an important investment will be achieved to continue advancing with the Great Venezuela Housing Mission.

"We met a goal of Commander Chávez of reaching 3 million homes delivered, but we have set a new goal of exceeding 5 million by 2024," said the president in the central act.

“I deeply believe in the conscience of the people of Venezuela. My main work is directed to the creation of conscience, to the forging of values ​​for a solidary, humane society, between equals ”, highlighted the national president.

Communal cities

The president highlighted that one of the new challenges within the framework of the pursuit of the social program is the formation of communal cities, for which the necessary legal framework is being advanced to make this goal of popular organization a reality.

"We are going to the communal cities with the Great Venezuela Housing Mission to give power to the people, to give power to the communities," said the head of state.

In this sense, the president congratulated the initiatives of self-construction of houses, with which popular base cells are created that help to build the Communal State. "The social fabric is built with work, building housing, with CLAPs, with technical water tables, with the struggle for solutions for people's lives," he highlighted.