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We want to pay taxes!

I quote again Ferdinand Lundberg's brilliant phrase according to which the ruling class in a State is the one that does not have to pay taxes. Until the French Revolution, the clergy and nobility were exempt from them. This inequality triggered a Revolution that partially ended the privileges and part of the privileged.

The current situation is once again one of unsustainable injustice or, to put it in other terms, pre-revolutionary. Since the 18th century, a saying and two principles have regulated the delicate matter of taxes. The saying goes that no one escapes death or taxes. The two principles are: that of progressivity, according to which whoever obtains more dividends, pays more taxes, and that of territoriality, according to which taxes are paid in the country where the income that motivates them is produced. Since the middle of the last century all three have been unconstitutionally repealed: the richest do not pay taxes; Those who earn more profits pay less, and taxes are not paid to the country where the profits are produced.

Let us inform the reader of these drastic transmutations. In the Atlantic Alliance – but not only there – the super-rich finance the electoral campaigns of congressmen, who turn the aspirations of their generous promoters into laws. Thus, in the United States in 1960 the maximum tax rate for large fortunes was 91%; by 2023, according to Americans for Tax Fairness, in no case does it exceed 37%. The rates that are applied on average are even lower: the rate usually applied to the 400 largest fortunes in that country did not exceed 23%, while lower-income or impoverished citizens pay 24,2% of their income. Let us add that the legal advisors of large estates always find tricks and martingales to further reduce their taxation. According to BBC reports, Jeff Bezos did not pay a cent in taxes between 2007 and 2011; nor did Elon Musk cancel a cent in 2018 (https://www.xataka.com/magnet/1960-milmillonarios-eeuu-pagaban-tasa-impuesta-91-hoy-37-a-algunos-les-pare-injusto# Donald Trump refuses to make his tax returns public. Wikipedia reports that in 2011 he paid zero dollars in taxes for his immense fortune. For his second presidency, he proposes completely eliminating income taxes and replacing them with taxes on imports. essentially paid by consumers.

Another antidote to paying taxes are tax havens, which we wrote about previously. Located in countries without taxes or with merely symbolic rates, they are the sink for the large torrents of capital exacted from dependent countries. A 2019 report from the European Community estimated the global capital deposited in them offshore at 7,8 trillion dollars, 10,4% of global GDP; and cited studies that raised the estimate to figures of 8,3 trillion to 10,3 trillion dollars (EC 2019, http://infoposta.com.ar/notas/12224/para%C3%ADsos-fiscales-globalizaci%C3 %B3n-del-capital-socialismo/) (A trillion is a billion dollars).

Developing countries join their efforts to exempt the big capital that exploits them from taxes. In 1998, Rafael Caldera signed with the United States the infamous “Treaty against Double Taxation”, under which companies and individuals from the northern power would pay zero taxes in Venezuela, in exchange for equal treatment for our few citizens and very few companies in said country. . The United States was by then our first trading partner: you don't have to rack your brains to know who was favored by such a scam in the form of a treaty. Together with Fermín Toro Giménez, I demanded its annulment for violating, among others, Article 1 of the Constitution, which grants the Republic the sovereign inalienable right of “immunity”, that is, not to submit its controversies of national public interest to foreign courts. But the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice signed on October 17, 2008 by Luisa Estela Morales contradicts the Constitution by stating that in Venezuela “it is impossible to maintain a theory of absolute immunity or to affirm in general terms the unconstitutionality of arbitration clauses in contracts. of general interest (…)”. By applying this doctrine of our supposed “relative immunity” to the dispute with Guyana, the “arbitration award” was produced that seeks to take it away from us.

Since then, Venezuela has signed some three dozen treaties against double taxation that exempt citizens and companies from many other countries from paying taxes, many of which participate in the criminal blockade, extortion and sabotage against Venezuela.

In case the previous exemptions were not enough, we cite article 28 of the Organic Law of Special Economic Zones, according to which legal, public, private mixed and communal, national or foreign persons that operate in said zones may benefit from tax incentives. and customs duties: “1) The import tax refund (draw back), according to the criteria determined by the National Executive (…) 2) The tax refund regarding other national taxes, according to the criteria determined by the National Executive (…)”. In other words, foreigners who benefit from “special economic zones” could also benefit from the unconstitutional privilege of not paying us any type of taxes.

Is anyone aware of the extreme danger involved in exempting 10% of the population that already monopolizes 90% of the planet's wealth from taxes on their obscene profits?

Yes: in January 2024, more than 250 billionaires and millionaires gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos issued an open letter calling for taxes to be applied to their extreme wealth. This letter is accompanied by a survey conducted by Survation among 2.300 G20 billionaires and millionaires: 74% of them support higher taxes; 54% believe that the extreme concentration of wealth is a threat to democracy.

They look like things from Eduardo Galeano in The Upside Down World School... Let's straighten it out.

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