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Zelensky on countdown

The presidential legitimacy of the Ukrainian clown has finally expired. But perhaps reality surpassed the worst calculations, since the legitimacy vacuum takes place in conditions of a perfect storm for Zelensky.

Since May 20, Zelensky is constitutionally no longer president of Ukraine, as no elections were held due to a disputed martial law supported by himself and approved by Parliament. In reality, it is the last act of a tragedy carried out by this clown, since his legitimacy has long since collapsed, he no longer has the majority support of his citizens nor the legitimacy of carrying out his position, he only had legal legitimacy left, electoral and now it has also disappeared. The moment coincides with the most difficult situation that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have experienced. The new Russian advances and kyiv's inability to regain control over lost territories do not help the already low level of support for the President among the population, which faces a hardened and tremendously unpopular policy of military mobilization that violates human rights. According to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Zelensky's approval in the Army would not exceed 20%, data based on closed sociological surveys carried out by Americans and Europeans. In this way, “the level of support for Zelensky would have fallen to 17% and continues to decline,” while “more than 70% of the population does not trust the Ukrainian media, and nearly 90% would like to leave the country.”

But the West does not believe in tears and begins to consider options without Zelensky, since after getting the most out of him, the puppet no longer serves them, he is a political corpse, since he has lost any ability to negotiate a peace with Russia, which has warned that he would only negotiate with a legitimate President of Ukraine and has placed him on a wanted list. Serious problem that the Russophobic West now faces, since Russia is not only a military giant, but also a political giant, it has a President with the greatest legitimacy in its entire history and behind whom an entire united and patriotic people aligns with high combat morale.

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