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We will vote for peace

This June 4 marked 7 years since the death of Orlando Figuera, 22, who was murdered in a violent demonstration organized by the extreme right in Plaza Altamira, where he was beaten, stabbed and burned alive.

His mother, Inés Esparragoza, has not stopped demanding justice for the death. This woman, who represents all the mothers of Venezuela, says that two memories of those days remained in her mind.

The first is when he entered the therapy room and saw his son with 80% of his body burned, the young man asked for his blessing and a kiss, but there was not a single piece of healthy skin on his face to comply with that. gesture of love

The second scene is the video in which his son was set on fire for the mere fact of having admitted that he was a Chavista. This is just one example of the violent events that the right has provoked to destabilize the country, our peace, in search of conspiratorial plans, such as the Coup of April 11, 2002, to try to take the reins of power by force.

Proudly in this revolutionary process we have had two líderis, those who have defended and protected Venezuela from internal and external enemies, first Commander Hugo Chávez and now our president Nicolás Maduro, who have promoted the processes of dialogue, justice and peace.

Without a doubt this July 28, Venezuelans will vote to continue living in peace. They won't come back!

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