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Venezuela: Commonwealth of the United States?

We must continue to insist on a defining maxim that identifies politics as “the art of the possible,” which leads one to think that when a political opinion is expressed, there are immediately people who tell you things like this: “no. I believe what you are telling me”, “Are you sure about that?”, and the most incredulous say: “Who told you that?”
And the political case is the following: there is a governability pact between US imperialism, the European Union and the Venezuelan extreme right, and that consists of giving the greatest political direction to unilateral coercive measures, known as sanctions, and projecting them in a pragmatic way (due to its usefulness) towards everything that the assault on power could mean for the anti-Chavista extreme right.

One of the main scenarios that are being handled among the extremist sectors, both national and international, is to dislodge Chavismo from power and to install not just any sector of the opposition, but the most pro-imperialist sector.
One of the arguments that these power centers are using is that if they were to place the “national” right in power, that would have a price.

And the American rulers are proposing the following: “if we manage to remove Chavismo from power, we would totally eliminate the sanctions and blockades, but you in Venezuela change the national Constitution and become a free associated state, like Puerto Rico, and María “We named Corina Machado our first governor.”

It is a way that US imperialism would have to collect everything it has invested to remove Chavismo from power and that by transforming Venezuela into a "new legal colony", with the Commonwealth, they would take over all our natural wealth and change significantly the geopolitical balances in the American continent, which would allow a new reengineering of its backyard.

This is not “an exercise of the imagination,” since there are two great truths in this unpatriotic negotiation: the extreme right needs imperial help to oust Chavismo and the United States covets our wealth.

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