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A real threat

The right is by definition the protection of conservative interests; supports privileges of elite economic sectors. There is no right that favors the general population of a country, due to its conception it privileges individualism over collective interest.

Specifically, the connection that exists between the political proposals of the right and the people is related to the media's imposition of these ideas, making them “potable.”

A superficial study of the current leadership of the Venezuelan right highlights the danger it can represent, especially when its political line hardens and escalates to the extreme right.

The extreme right fearlessly expresses an ultra-conservative message, which in the Venezuelan case focuses on the ignorance of the existence of the other, the invisibilization of the opponent, it casually declares that its objective is to sweep away the adversary, annihilate it, which can be considered a declaration of war.

This irresponsible far-right leadership is not the result of a popular election, and although it may have votes, its followers are the consequence of the accumulation of resentments due to phenomena in which its tentacles have influenced.

Dolar Today, hyperinflation, hyperdevaluation of the currency, shortages, blackouts, sanctions, decline of public services, gasoline shortage, disappearance of paper money, bachaqueo and a long etcetera influence the accumulation of rage in a sector of the population, and although That reality has been changing, in the collective memory it is a brand.

The relationship of this extreme right with the US and its obsession with changing the Government of Venezuela makes it very dangerous, because it believes itself to be untouchable, superior, with the strength to overwhelm the opponent, something very far from internal reality.

This far-right leadership is not gathering forces around a country plan, but against a large sector of the population. Today, as in the “last queue” campaign (2015), there is no talk of a government program, there is an appeal to rage, hatred, resentment.

We are talking about a radical opposition whose facets of violence have already led to murders, deaths, confrontation, it is the wildest face, which believes it has the strength to threaten the rest and paralyze them through fear.

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