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A wise people

Alí Primera in his song Sangueo para el viaje pointed out that the Venezuelan people are wise and patient, it can also be added that they are responsible, supportive, hard-working and happy, who unite in a single block to defend the homeland when they feel it threatened.

All these characteristics and more are what is experienced throughout the country with the demonstrations that the people organize in rejection of the criminal and illegal sanctions that weigh on Venezuela, with which the United States thought it could subdue us, how wrong.

This week my pride was great when the people of Petare raised their voices in protest against these abuses, it was beautiful to see how the streets of the El Morro sector became a river of people, who were happy and also rebellious, demanding the uprising. of the sanctions, at the same time that he pointed out the accomplices of these atrocities, who without any trace of remorse, have traveled the world speaking badly of Venezuela, asking for more punishments, negotiating our resources and without shame come to ask for the vote with masks of sheep, but they hide a pack of wolves that want to destroy the progress made with the revolutionary process to improve the quality of life for all.

These multiplying demonstrations also support the government management of President Nicolás Maduro, who in all scenarios has defended and will continue to defend Venezuela, just as Commander Hugo Chávez did at the time.

As July 28 approaches, pressures against Venezuela will increase, but do not forget the people are wise, patient and the only thing that is certain is that they will not return!

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