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A country to build

Since Commander Chávez first appeared on the national scene, the task of thinking about the country became an urgent and permanent action. The youngest people may be surprised, but with the Revolution the country changed profoundly, because before it, racism and exclusion characterized Venezuela. There are traces of that in our popular culture, in humor and even in music. That is why Ali Primera insisted that “the truth of Venezuela is not seen in the Country Club” while, during those years, Venezuela was boiling until reaching the turning points of the Caracazo.

As time went by, the country changed and endured all kinds of attacks. None more merciless than the last ten years when Venezuela was surrounded with a bloody coercive policy that dried up our economy until it was left without access to its wealth and international trade.

Now, that we have been learning to live in this new situation, where many things that were imported we already know how to do or repair, that there is a slight recovery of the economy, the task is to determine which country we aspire to and how we are doing. to
achieve it.

Always thinking about the future is a difficult task. Does time really exist? Is the future an invention of modernity? This is how dense the debates are within our movement, where we do not lack questions about whether the future is thought about, dreamed of, planned or built. While we think deeply about this, we know that the future is an action of the present, which involves the men and women who find ourselves here and now, loving and making country. That what we do must think about everyone, especially the youngest, those still infants who deserve to have a country to return to and not want to leave.

The bet is to assume everything we have learned from mistakes and difficulties, chart the most open and broad destinies possible, delve into our strengths, as well as into the infinite riches of our land with new ideas. For example, put aside the useless business of selling hydrocarbons and then buy finished products and finally begin to manufacture Venezuelan goods in the form and quantity that the country requires.

There are also many tasks politically, such as reconnecting with all the dynamics of participatory and leading democracy, where the architecture of power establishes that it is the people who rule and that the vital space itself is the first territory to attend to.

They are just two of the ideas that we have been working on and collecting, in this desire to think and build a country where everyone fits, where the land gives us our sustenance, where all forms of life are protected and the Venezuelan flag flies sovereign and dignified. , while we continue in that work that only brings joy, that of being deeply Venezuelan and preparing the space that we will leave for those who are barely children today.

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