The recent document that was leaked from the State Department just a week ago has assertions that should be a nail in the opposition's coffin. But we already know that the opposition never understands anything, or rather, it refuses to understand reality. The folio affirms that Nicolás Maduro will win the elections again, without major setbacks; giving as one of the main reasons the opposition's lack of direction, added to the absence of proposals.

I have no doubt that such a statement will be a coup de grace for those who harbored some hope about the end of the process, which makes those who have violence as their goal, which is the majority of the opposition, much more dangerous and desperate. that now, with even more reason, they will look for a way to carry out an assassination as the only mechanism to get rid of Nicolás.

The event occurs just at a time when ECLAC affirms that the Venezuelan economy will grow 8%, which means a readjustment, and Maduro's geopolitical and geostrategic moves begin to bear fruit, showing signs of true statesmanship, with reflections that spark debate political again as the fact that “we are not yet in socialism.” Such a statement leads us to understand that Maduro is clear about the political process and its development and that there is still a long way to go to get there. More so when the economy and the income of Venezuelans cannot get them out of the ditch in which they find themselves. It is no secret that events are occurring that had been overcome a long time ago, such as people going to bed without eating, especially in marginal areas controlled by crime, which have turned territories into lawless lands, subjugating the population.

In his very interesting conversation with Diego Ruzzarin, Maduro showed that he had perfect knowledge of the Venezuelan reality, and that he understood the process clearly; and, although he recognizes failures in the government, he attributes most of the blame for the crisis to the relentless blockade to which the country has been subjected with almost a thousand sanctions.

The truth is that everything indicates that he will indeed win the elections without major setbacks, in the face of a demoralized opposition and without knowing what to do. And it is clear that the country, especially the most needy, the workers, the educators and the entire health system, expects us to implement an economic policy that will get us out of the quagmire, since ECLAC's statements are nowhere to be seen.

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