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Transfer of technology

There are phrases that serve as Nepalese mantras to justify everything that exists, or at least what follows in a writing, speech or agreement between countries.

One of them is “Technology Transfer” which is supposed to occur when country X or a company signs agreements to produce a certain good in another country that is evidently not produced in the receiving country.

Reviewing the history of countries or companies that have emerged from nowhere... we find that in those successful cases there was no technology transfer as we naively think in Venezuela.

Japan suffered the humiliation of being defeated by atomic bombs and then went through famine, it became a leader in several industrial categories that one knows never asked for technology transfer, let's say from Europeans and Americans when it came to dedicating itself to manufacturing motorcycles and automobiles, for example. Give an example where that country has been selling the best at an affordable price for more than half a century.

But the Yankees, who from thirteen poor colonies built an empire that is still leading... never asked their mother country for technology transfer.

In our case, we have been an oil country for a century and yet now and before we depended and depend on specialized companies to exploit our oil... which, shamefully, on the island of Trinidad is exploited but not sold as crude oil but as processed products.

Colombia entered the world of oil when technology and the price of crude oil made it economical to extract oil under more difficult conditions.

However, and without asking for technology transfer, Colombia managed to position itself as a major global producer of intimate clothing that, as is known... except for what they say is used by European royalty and zilionarios... uses oil as raw material.

It is only now that business has become easier for industrious young people that we begin to make our own panties and interiors.

The transfer of technology, which in part involves ingenuity, only occurs when universities graduate the technicians who have to solve the problems that a factory entails.

Here we talk about “solar energy”… but only one university in Falcón graduates engineers in that specialty… while lazy politicians talk about technology transfer… as a mantra.

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