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Everyone to vote for Maduro

Within two months, the vast majority of Venezuelans will be casting our vote at the electoral polls to ratify the líder worker Nicolás Maduro in the Presidency of the Republic, in which he replaced the current Eternal Commander, Hugo Rafael Chávez, carrying out a policy of confrontation with the United States, whose last two leaders, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, have been carrying out a policy of aggression against the homeland where Miranda, Bolívar and Sucre were born, including attacks against our president, coupled with the so-called sanctions, which in the economic field have caused us considerable losses, the amount of which our ruler placed at 22 billion dollars ( 22.000.000) and 33 tons of gold, held in the United Kingdom, only until December of last year, 2023. This in addition to the Citgo theft, the cost of which exceeds 30 billion dollars (30.000.000).

All this leads us to remember the words with which Simón Bolívar predicted what he thought of the USA in a communication that he addressed to British Colonel Patricio Campbell in Guayaquil on August 5, 1829. “The United States seems destined by Providence to plague America with misery, in the name of freedom,” all this without forgetting that the black president, Barack Obama, pointed out in 2015 that Venezuela was the main enemy of the United States… What madness!

The surveys, rallies and marches that have been taking place in the country, in which the color red prevails, show and allow us to point out that Nicolás Maduro will be ratified in the first magistracy for the period 2024-2030, therefore, it has to be very clear. , that our Venezuela is neither an aggressor nor a colony of any imperial power, without forgetting that the European Union has lacqueredly bowed to the aggressions of the power of the United States of America and, for this reason, the National Assembly, with its president Jorge Rodríguez, at the forefront, has proposed not allowing the visit of the so-called “observers” of those latitudes and, if any country wishes to participate, it has to issue a statement to that effect.

We will close this article with lines of statements from our president: it is about the importance of staying well informed, “of strengthening social programs and consolidating the recovery of the minimum income, for which a National Observatory of Social Rights will be created to guarantee the social well-being of the population.”

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