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Puppets and surnames

The development and outcome of this particular and unprecedented presidential electoral campaign heading to July 28, 2024 will go down in universal contemporary political history, since we are in the presence of a somewhat strange situation that breaks with all the molds that until now have been seen with respect to the actions and attitudes that are inherent to the political behavior of a presidential candidate in electoral activities.

And we have a person who, curiously, the most far-right political sectors registered as “a cover candidate”, that is, they used his name (very little known) to fill in a space on the electoral card, and they did so to that, in the event of not reaching an agreement with other opposition subgroups, they had already assured the legal registration before the National Electoral Council, of a presidential candidacy between symbolic and decorative.

And after the national far-right managed to have a presidential candidate in the role of “filling a void,” the former presidential candidate (María Corina Machado), upon seeing that neither she, nor the other Corina, could register as a presidential candidate, decided to give her her approval. support for the “poster candidate”, but, in exchange, he made a series of political demands to the so-called democratic platform.

The agreement was in the following terms: 1.- if “the virtual candidate” wins the presidential elections, María Corina Machado will govern as “the right hand” of the formal president; 2.- she must be the center of the electoral campaign and all the routes, places and dates are under her prior authorization, therefore, the public appearances of the “poster candidate” should only be those strictly necessary.

This is an unusual electoral political situation, since we have in the middle of an electoral campaign a presidential candidate who acts as “a puppet of the surnames” of a pro-imperialist oligarchy, who wants political power again in Venezuela, with a lot of hatred, ambition and thirst for revenge, to build a liberal and unpatriotic model, in which the government plan is to privatize everything, fill the prisons with millions of political prisoners and executions, give the Essequibo to Guyana and turn Venezuela into a free associated State of States Joined.

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