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Programmatic themes

Sometimes there are those who want to take away the seriousness of politics between electoral carnivals and bottomless speeches, all to disguise programmatic content that marks the future of a nation.

If there is anything special about the Venezuelan process in recent years, it is that it has been systematically attacked to impose a model not associated with national interests, but based on foreign objectives. Even more so when our country has the main oil reserve on the planet and is a vital energy enclave for the Western Hemisphere.

This is where, on July 28, things beyond the Presidency of the Republic will be defined: either a political process that will lead us towards an abyss from which we are emerging, or return to it under the auspices of false promises of development under outdated schemes. .

The Bolivarian Revolution has demonstrated its determination to rebuild a social welfare state model for Venezuelan men and women under a criterion of sustainability, order, productivity and especially to stop believing that oil can do everything.

This implies a new moment where State and society come together to try to build it since it has been proven that the State cannot do everything, it is not efficient in that, but that does not mean it should have guidance on key issues that are rights but that we must do what necessary to guarantee access and quality in them.

The opposition in all its forms presents a proposal of varnished neoliberalism that, far from guaranteeing peace, stability and development, possibly seeks just the opposite.

It is basically about positioning the same elements that are implemented today in Argentina and that have as an essential premise the dismantling of the State in every sense, leaving the laws of the functioning of life in society to the free, so-called "free market."

That program has already failed in Latin America because what it left was a trail of poverty where it stood, perhaps with the only moderately marked exception like that of Chile, although the social protests of years ago show us the opposite, since the Macroeconomic numbers may sound very nice, but on the table and microeconomics are not impacted by it.

It is on these elements, programs and unveiling of real proposals that we must focus the current political debate, since the oppositions intend to sell false hopes that turn out to be leaps into the void, and we must give these issues sufficient reasoned progress, leaving the carnival with political content to others.

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