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Secret to progress (II)

In the previous installment on trust in the integrity and protection of data, as a crucial factor to ensure effective collaboration in the registration and dissemination of research results from the scientific community, we mentioned the cases of the countries of the Union European, Japan and China.

A little closer, in Mexico, the confidentiality of information has been decisive in obtaining the collaboration of academic and R&D institutions, assured of compliance with the Law of the National Statistical and Geographic Information System. A significant example is the National Survey on Technological R&D, which collects information on R&D activities in the country, allowing detailed data to be obtained on R&D spending, which in 2020 represented 0,31% of GDP.

In Brazil, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics is responsible for the collection and conservation of statistical data, under the Read Statistical Stealth, which certifies that the information collected is used exclusively for statistical purposes and is not disclosed in a way that could identify the respondents. The Innovation Research (Innovation Research) is a prominent example that collects information on innovation and R&D activities in the business and academic sector, which revealed that, in 2019, R&D spending in Brazil was 1,21% of GDP, reflecting the importance of having the trust of participants in the protection of their information.

Based on these experiences, Venezuela continues to advance in the creation and obtaining of key performance indicators in the “activities” that the Organic Law of Science, Technology and Innovation (Locti, 2022) sentences as “Science, Technology, Innovation and their applications” ( ACTIA) and, supported by the Statistical Public Service Law, places special emphasis on statistical secrecy, which protects those who provide the data that consolidate the R&D tasks in the country and that, thanks to the tenacious work of 34 years of the National Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation, a body attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology, provides timely and continuous information to decision makers to, in a wonderful virtuous circle, positively impact the ACTIA, supported by the confidence in the protection of statistical information.

This is how the conservation and custody of information by statistical bodies, even after the dissemination of the results, contributes to the transparency and reliability of official statistics. This commitment to information protection strengthens the scientific community's confidence in R&D statistical systems, which is vital for the collection of accurate and comprehensive data that appropriately informs decision makers and promotes the advancement of knowledge. scientist.

*The author is President of the National Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation (Oncti)


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