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Respect for the referee

The majority of the candidates who will participate in the presidential elections on July 28 signed an agreement with the authorities of the National Electoral Council, where they committed to respecting the results of the contest. This act, if you will, is one of the most important in this process, since in a respectful and responsible manner the candidates reject any type of violent scenario if they are not favored with the popular vote, while offering their support to the electoral referee. the CNE.

The worker president Nicolás Maduro and also a candidate for re-election for the revolutionary project said: “We signed this important agreement for the peace of Venezuela, this is an old-fashioned signature because there are those who like to use the electoral processes to prepare for violence, to shout fraud. "Today with this signature we have told him that we do not want violence and we give respect to the referee."

I believe that this agreement signed between the CNE and the candidates encompasses the feelings of all Venezuelans who reject violent actions, who are committed to the peace and development of Venezuela. It is necessary to call the representatives of the extreme right to reflection to give up their plans to continue taking macabre shortcuts to try to reach power, since they will not be able to with the will of an entire people, who together has resisted the sabotage of public services , the sanctions, blockades, as well as the scenarios of violence with which they try to destabilize the country.

Venezuela will vote for peace and endorses this important agreement, giving its support to the electoral referee. Overcome!

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