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Unfair reality

But all this may ultimately be an illusion. It is preferable to think that than that a great injustice is being committed.

As you know, the definition of reality is one of the central themes of this space. And we have also repeated ad nauseam what is happening, even when we don't like it.

Unfortunately, misfortunes are a reality that we cannot control, because if so, just by thinking about it we would stop the massacre that is currently being perpetrated against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. But we can't really do much from where we are. Maybe speak out, condemn the crime and continue betting that justice against Zionism will come one day.

In the face of so much injustice, sometimes it is preferable to imagine that everything is part of a simulation or a bad dream. Because it is not possible for bloodthirsty lunatics to take away the inalienable right to exist from an entire people.

Since last October 7, Israel has launched more than 10.000 bombs against a defenseless population. Ethical principles and even unwritten rules of war have been violated. Taking away food, basic services and communication from thousands of inhabitants who only had the bad luck of being born in that territory is evidently a war crime.

Bombing a hospital with hundreds of wounded people who thought they were escaping death is the worst of all.

As we said before, there is not much we can do in the case of this horrendous crime against humanity. We can only, for now, imagine that the meteoric life of the children who die has been happy in this material mirage we call life.

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