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What will happen to “Doña Violencia” and Capriles Radonski if Citgo is lost?

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1.- Demon disguised as a woman… There is a detail that I constantly observe in the macabre duo of “Doña Violencia” and her cover candidate. The misogynist is a proven CIA assassin, involved in the murder of four nuns and other religious people in El Salvador during the 80s, however, he is terrified of that lady. I have seen videos where this murderer talks about her and looks at her insistently with terror, to observe her reaction, as if seeing if what he is saying she approves of or not. “Doña Violencia” is a devil disguised as a woman. And ladies of noble sentiments excuse me, but that lady has committed any crime, she has proven to be capable of the worst, trying to get to Miraflores. Therefore, she will never be president.

2.- Magalli Meda… It is regrettable how these coup plotters from the terrorist opposition take young people from Vente Venezuela, Voluntad Popular or Primero Justicia, to the political “slaughterhouse”; They are truncating their future. Although that is nothing new. Let us remember that “Doña Violencia”, in the guarimbas of Leopoldo López, hired boys who could be her children, to start disorder, anarchy, and then paid them off with drugs and liquor.

And currently, Mrs. Magalli Meda plays that role. She deceives people by telling them that the CIA candidate will be victorious, and some young people fall into her trap and lend themselves to structuring the commandos that “Doña Violencia” puts together, in order to start the riots after the CNE gives the results. . And they are imprisoned like stupid people, because it is difficult for the terrorist opposition to take a wrong step and not let the state intelligence bodies know about it.

3.- Supernatural powers… We know that the extremist right is going to lose. There is no doubt about that, but I wish I had a crystal ball or some supernatural power, to play with the perversion of those bandits. And the thing is, if in the campaign they are capable of any mischief, of the most unthinkable tricks among themselves, it would be interesting to see how they would behave with the misogynist winning the elections. How would they go about untangling all that tangle in which they are involved? Lies, pacts, promises, divisions, backstabbing.

For example, would “El Tigre” Eduardo Fernández or Ramón Guillermo Aveledo allow the CIA officer to hand over the presidency to “Doña Violencia”, as they have agreed? Would you support the philosopher Manuel Rosales for the governorship of Zulia, or will you continue with the Vente Venezuela coup plan with your own governor? How would that lady react if they told her that they were not going to give her any presidency, with the desire that she has for the Miraflores seat? Who would the gringos who are her masters support? Anyway. 

4.- Malicious analysis… In this war that the gringos and their satellite countries declared on us, with the support of the violent in Venezuela, we must walk with leaden feet. There are enemies that have a thousand faces. And by using the word "good people", they entangle whoever it is. That happens with the Citgo embezzlement. 

Many people decide to accuse the thugs of Vente Venezuela, Voluntad Popular and Primero Justicia, but also the Bolivarian Government, and that for me has the following objectives: a) Try to break revolutionary morality. b) Confuse the Venezuelan people who are waiting for such pillage. c) Seek that the Bolivarian Government paralyze its protest actions regarding the abominable case. d) Release those truly responsible from blame. 

They lose time. None of that will be possible. We have a brave Government with plenty of convictions, which will not tire of protesting this deplorable dispossession or fighting for what belongs to us. 

Our refining complex, the “surnames” were served on a silver platter to the Americans. It was a preconceived plunder. Planned in advance, where those involved are going to do the rest, to earn a commission so millionaire that it will allow them and their children to live without working for the rest of their lives. Only Miguel Henrique Otero aspires to be given 100 million dollars, said the vice president of the Psuv, in his program Con El Mazo Dando 481.

5.- The painful looting… When a Venezuelan man or woman sees the monstrosity that the fascists did with Citgo, it seems as if their soul is frayed. Burns. It hurts every last cell in the body.

 Representative Jorge Rodríguez, president of the National Assembly, said that they auctioned it, the only thing left is for the elections to take place and, he added, that “Gerardo Blyde, instead of opposing, the only thing he said was to wait until August, because The envelopes are in Delaware.” They must be swept away on June 28, beaten so badly that these bandits are politically buried.

6.- Investment risk… Regarding the Citgo theft, some experts have spoken out to warn of the disgrace of investing in the US. They do not have legal security. In the case of our company, they appealed to a legal scheme called Alter Ego, in which Crystallex wants to collect from that subsidiary an alleged debt owed by the Republic, which expropriated the Las Cristinas mine for damaging the environment and violating the rights of the workers.  

I share these analyses, no investor will be safe in the United States, however, there is a detail that always catches my attention regarding North American servility, given that there are lackeys who lower their heads to the Yankees for business, out of fear. to their imperial power or for any other reason, but also because they love to drag them along. 

These two irrefutable examples come to mind: Irfaan Ali, from Guyana, and Javier Milei, from Argentina. These presidents, I have no doubt that they have received money from the gringos, but apart from that, it seems that it satisfies them, it fills them with joy to bow their faces to the ground before these genocidaires. It comes from their hearts to be reptiles of those criminals.

7.- What will happen to “Doña Violencia” and Capriles Radonski if Citgo is lost? … The Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, published in a post: “The betrayal of Venezuelans in the US will end in CITGO's auction to private companies on July 15. It is a theft of the empire, but what worries criminals is that it happens before the elections “because it would help Maduro.” This is what the enemies of Venezuela and its local agents confess.”

Days later, our vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, notified that the National Government and Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) were excluded from the judicial sale of that company, in addition, they were prevented from defending their rights before the US courts.

The situation, as expected, unleashed a tinderbox on the part of the senior comrades of the Bolivarian Government, of the Venezuelans who love our country, and who feel patriotic blood flowing through their veins. 

Through networks, streets, walls and Bemba radio, they condemned this terrible monstrosity. Therefore, it is a gigantic monstrosity, taking into account that this vile trap was laid by stateless people, who turned the conspiracy in Venezuela into a lucrative business in which millions upon millions of dollars are moved. 

At the same time, the media scoundrel, through its influencers and prepaid journalists, redoubled the attack against President Nicolás Maduro, attempting to cushion the impact generated by the news of this plundering, and to free those responsible who act in cahoots with the gringos from blame. given that everything these bandits do, they do in complicity with their American masters.

Here are the main people responsible, I will never tire of mentioning them: Leopoldo López, Juan Guaidó, Julio Borges, María Corina Machado (Doña Violencia), Henrique Capriles Radonski, Carlos Vecchio, José Ignacio Hernández, Manuel Rosales, Ramos Allup, among other bandits 

Now, the majority of these thugs are fugitives, and they would have to be extradited, an issue that has been asked with some, the question is what will happen to “Doña Violencia” and Capriles Radonski, if Citgo is lost? They are both in the country and campaigning against the misogynistic CIA officer.

At the moment I do not have the answer, since in such a situation, I can simply add that President Maduro said that all those responsible for that disgusting looting must pay prison time.

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