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Assange Award

I have heard Nicolás say on several occasions that he loves to finger his newspaper and turn the pages; Among other reasons, I continue, because that way information is read in depth.

Australian journalist Julian Assange is free. More than an act of injustice committed against him, it was a tough battle that he fought against a judicial process full of injustice, and that in the end he managed to defeat, because the English judge understood that sending him to the United States to be executed would be one of the worst acts of barbarism in the modern world.

That battle turned Assange into a symbol, in the battle made man against an empire that is in decline. He also turned it into a compass of what a journalist should be, a writer of truth, a decipherer of imperial montages. And we know that there are many Assanges in the world. This battle means much more than a simple act of injustice. That is why, in my opinion, Julian Assange should remain in the memory of the new generations who have the difficult task of reinventing journalism.

Venezuela, a country that revered journalism long before other nations, pioneers in many areas of communication and that has a very valuable award, should have a special mention called Julian Assange, which qualifies that journalist who dedicates himself to international analysis and write facts in an international context: history, world, countries, culture, politics, and a long chain of etc. that falls into that context. And in this way, as a columnist for this valuable newspaper, I make the formal proposal to the National Journalism Award Foundation, the Minister of Information Freddy Ñáñez and the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, who is also a journalist.

I have always been of the opinion and I have expressed it on more than one occasion, that this National Journalism Award should have a name that could be Diario de Angostura and that the mentions also carry the names of so many great journalists that we have had and who should be rotating from five to five years.

And for special, extremely notable events such as the Assange case, there should be a special mention, always, by the way, with a very good cash reward, because if some human beings are in need, we are journalists. Good day.

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