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Why are you surprised by the advances of the far right? Yo

100 years ago, in 1924, after eight months in prison, Adolf Hitler left the prison where he had ended up after attempting a coup d'état the previous year. During his stay in prison, he outlined the first pages of his work “My Struggle” in which he exposed some basic foundations of his thought including the exacerbation of extreme nationalism, anti-Judaism and anti-communism. A century later, his ideas are still alive and spreading throughout Europe, this time having Ukraine as a center of basification and expansion. 

Today, just like 100 years ago, fascism is preparing to take power. Today, as 100 years ago, he hides behind socialist ideas. Today, as 100 years ago, the economic crisis is the breeding ground for its irradiation. Today, like 100 years ago, they blame “the others”, at that time the communists and Jews, today the Russians. 

Perhaps the only big difference between both moments is that in the last century such ideas were disseminated from a líder messianic and violent and now, the same thing happens after mediocre, ignorant and quite limited leaders, some even, much more than Hitler although equally violent. At that time, the líder He took over the execution of the plan and involved the German people in it. Today, European leaders let the United States lead the way, let the Ukrainians provide the “cannon fodder” while they limit themselves to subjecting their people to inflation, economic crisis, the end of the welfare state and gradual impoverishment. 

The objective is the same and the results too. Soon Europe will fall prey to right-wing extremism, supremacism, racism and crisis. But this time the Soviet Red Army will not come to save them and there will be no Marshall Plan for their "recovery" because in this case, it has been the United States that has caused this crisis, in order to subjugate Europe and bring it to total insignificance as international political actor.

No, Private Ryan will not be able to save them, simply because he does not have the capacity to do so. His priorities are Ukraine (against Russia), Israel (against Iran) and Taiwan (against China). It has not been able to prevent its aircraft carriers from being expelled from the Red Sea by the cheap but efficient Yemeni missiles, reiterating what happened in the Mediterranean when the Yankee aircraft carriers tried to threaten Lebanon and Hezbollah, - without needing to launch them - showed the Yankee navy its powerful anti-ship missiles that made it flee at full speed from that sea; He has also failed to prevent the Israeli iron dome from being penetrated by Iran's missiles; he has not made South Korea immune to the bags of shit sent to it from the north; and it has been impossible for Washington to prevent the Africans from expelling France – and themselves in some cases – from his territory; He has also not managed to get Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to surrender or even get Saudi Arabia to continue in the Petrodollar agreement. Does anyone believe that they will be able to save Europe from the Nazi-fascist debacle that threatens it? 

Although the Nuremberg trials legally established the defeat of fascism and the concept of "crimes against humanity", the West was responsible for protecting many Nazis and fascists to use them in the modernization of its industrial apparatus, particularly of a military nature. especially that which was linked to the spread of the use of atomic weapons that had their birth certificate in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It must be remembered that in 1933, Hitler - like Zelensky in 2019 - came to power legally through elections at a time of great social and political unrest in the country. The post-war economic crisis had devastated Germany causing hyperinflation and currency devaluation. Hitler managed to capitalize on discontent through violence. Years later, one of his Venezuelan disciples Henrique Capriles called for venting rage through violence, causing death and devastation. 

When Hitler's Nazi party failed in its coup d'état, it turned to “democracy” to seize power. The crisis of the 30s strengthened the Nazi discourse. The German people, who suffered from unemployment, hunger, poverty and destitution, began to demand changes and in the absence of popular and democratic alternatives, they began to view the Nazis favorably.

In the parliamentary elections of 1930, Hitler's party won 18% of the vote, but was still considered a marginal force. While this was happening, the Nazis manipulated the hopes, fears and prejudices of the citizens. Along with this, they placed all responsibility for the situation on Jews and communists.

In July 1932 there were new elections, the Nazis received the favorable vote of 37% of voters, more than any other party, but in new elections held in November of that year, they fell to 33%, although they continued to be the majority party. . They became an essential resource for the institutional functioning of the country. Knowing the accumulated power, they refused to establish alliances with any other party, further demanding that Hitler be appointed federal chancellor (prime minister). Although at first. President Paul Von Hindenburg opposed this demand, ended up giving in and appointing Hitler chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933. They thought they could control him. Big mistake. Although during the first months of his mandate he respected Germany's democratic constitution, as time passed, he began to take measures to destroy the system in order to establish dictatorship. After Von Hindenburg's death in August 1934, Hitler proclaimed himself Führer (líder) from Germany. From that moment on, he was the dictator of Germany. Any coincidence with the current situation is no coincidence because the germs of Nazi-fascism were never exterminated. 

Let's see. After the German defeat in the 2nd. World War, senior military officials of the German armed forces (Wehrmacht) found shelter in the West. Then, starting in 1949 when NATO was created, they held important responsibilities in its command, precisely when the doctrine was being developed and the structure consolidated. Some of them were:

  • Adolf Heusinger. Chief of Operations of the General Staff of the Land Forces of the Wehrmacht. President of the NATO Military Committee (1961-1964).
  • Hans Speidel. Chief of Staff to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
    Commander in Chief of NATO Allied Forces in Central Europe (1957-1963).
  • Johannes Steinhoff, outstanding pilot of the air force (Luftwaffe) under the command of Herman Goering. President of the NATO Military Committee (1971-1974).
  • Johann von Kielmansegg. Officer of the General Staff of the High Command of the Wehrmacht. Commander in Chief of NATO Allied Forces in Central Europe (1967-1968).
  • Ernst Ferber. Lieutenant Colonel of the General Staff of the Wehrmacht 
    Commander-in-Chief of NATO Allied Forces in Central Europe (1973-1975)
  • Karl Schnell. First officer of the General Staff of the 76th. Panzer Corps (armored). Commander in Chief of NATO Allied Forces in Central Europe (1975-1977).
  • Franz-Joseph Schulze. Luftwaffe officer, decorated with the Iron Cross (one of the highest German awards). Commander in Chief of NATO Allied Forces in Central Europe (1977-1979).
  • Ferdinand von Senger und Etterlin. Lieutenant general of the Panzer Group. Commander in Chief of NATO Allied Forces in Central Europe (1979-1983).

In this way, the Nazi fascist spirit and doctrine permeated NATO from its founding. Likewise, the descendants of the Nazis continue to have a lot of influence in Europe today. In an essay published in July 2022, transformed into a book in 2024, the doctor in German Studies and International Relations David. Hughes, a research associate with a 11/19 Global Propaganda and “War on Terror” Working Group, exposes some similarities between Nazi Germany and the response to the Covid-1930 pandemic as an expression of attempts to overthrow democracy. liberal using psychological warfare techniques learned from the Nazis. The book, according to its editors “…provides a complete and detailed analysis of the continuities between the political economy of Nazi Germany in the 2020s and the political economy of the West since XNUMX.” 

According to Hughes, this has produced a “sinister resurgence” of Nazism in democracy, offering compelling evidence to demonstrate “that the worst elements of the Third Reich were not defeated in 1945, but were secretly incubated in preparation for their eventual return.” To achieve this, Wall Street relied on the CIA to protect and insert Nazi leaders into Western societies, most of the time in total secrecy. 

This led the German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich founder of a firm that is considered among the 20 best in his country in investment protection, to say that the Germans were now “fighting the same people we should have taken down 80 years ago.” Fuellmich stated that the real criminals were those who were at the top of the capitalist system and who now, as in the 1920s and 1930s, seek to resort to totalitarianism to confront the acute crisis of capitalism.

For its part, in Hughes's essay titled “Wall Street, Nazis, and Deep State Crimes” explains in detail that:

  • Wall Street has always been linked to Nazism in order to destroy workers' demands.
  • The Nazis came to power, built their industry, and went to war with the backing of Wall Street.
  • The failure of denazification after World War II was due to Wall Street controlling the appointment of officials responsible for denazifying and governing the Federal Republic, and some former Nazis went on to assume very powerful positions, for example, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who served in the early 30s in the Schutzstaffel (SS, a paramilitary organization in the service of Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany and throughout Europe) before joining IG Farben (a German conglomerate of chemical companies, later renamed Pfizer, which produced the substance used by the Nazis in the gas chambers). Bernardo was co-founder of the Bilderberg Group in 1954.
  • The United States actively recruited more than 1600 Nazi scientists, engineers, and technicians through “Operation Paperclip.”

Hughes states that Hitler was, perhaps, “the first to see that liberal democracy can be subverted by playing on the unconscious fears of the masses” adding that: “If an existential threat presents itself, the masses can be induced to sacrifice freedom.” for the promise of security.”

Other Nazis with influence in the post-war world included Kurt Kiesinger, who became chancellor of West Germany (1967-1971) despite having had strong ties to the Nazi chancellor, Joachim von Ribbentrop, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and Franz Six, who ran death squads in Eastern Europe. Kiesinger was a regular attendee of the Bilderberg conferences.  

Likewise, Kurt Waldheim, former intelligence officer of the Nazi Wehrmacht, who between 1972 and 1981 was secretary general of the United Nations (UN) and later president of Austria (1986-1992).



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