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Award-winning journalism

This week, President Nicolás Maduro Moros presented the 2024 Simón Bolívar National Award. The Ayacucho Hall of the Miraflores Palace was attended by Venezuelan social communication professionals, not only from the so-called “official sector”, but also from private media and independent initiatives.

Even among the winners there were recognitions for professionals unrelated to public management of government. Perhaps the most notable case was that of Román Camacho, an excellent journalist who, through his social networks, reports in real time on the most popular news events.

The evening also served as a fraternal reunion for journalists from different generations who, despite criticism of various kinds, continue to believe in an ethical and quality exercise, especially oriented to the defense of peace, national sovereignty, and independence. and the self-determination of our Homeland.

By the way, that was the tone and theme of the emotional speech offered by the veteran and renowned Venezuelan journalist Rosita Caldera, who received the Unique Simón Bolívar Award, as the official verdict says, “for her career in professional practice in defense of the truth and for being an example of protection of the most heartfelt demands of the journalistic union.”

This weekly column was awarded in the Opinion Journalism mention, one of the most important categories because it has honored, for decades, prominent intellectuals, writers and journalists for their contributions to dialogue and the battle of ideas.

From Arturo Uslar Pietri and Luis Britto García, to our friend Ana Cristina Bracho, through Clodovaldo Hernández and Asalia Venegas, Venezuelan opinion journalism has been a permanent place for political argument, criticism and democratic debate, but also for emancipation and independence. That has been our permanent objective.

For this reason, I express my gratitude to the jury, to the Simón Bolívar National Journalism Prize Foundation, to Últimas Noticias for the opportunity and, above all, to my teachers in the art of writing opinion articles: Isabela Track, Luis Angulo Ruiz, Igor Delgado Senior and, of course, who inspires me with his memory every week to deliver a text of quality, Earle Herrera.

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