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Peace in Ukraine: farce and reality

Humanity wants peace in Ukraine, but it is only possible if it is assumed to be a serious, realistic and responsible matter. The Swiss Peace Summit does not meet these requirements. The event is a complete failure, an indigestible mess. A líder As experienced as President Petro of Colombia, he canceled his presence because he realized the trap, that it is a plan for a supposed peace that actually justifies war, said that the Summit “is aligned with war,” adding that The conclusions of the event “are already predetermined.” Behind the facade, what the West wants is to present unacceptable conditions to Russia that are rejected by it in order to present it as guilty of a war that in reality they do want to continue in the name of Ukraine. Even in the draft of the final declaration the word “aggression” by Russia against Ukraine was mentioned. The falsity of the Western peace plan is evident when it is preceded by the G-7 meeting, which has been a warlike event against Russia, in which they have approved the theft of 50 billion USD of illegally frozen Russian funds, to lend it to Ukraine and continue the war.

The illegitimate President Zelensky's plan is an ultimatum that demands the withdrawal of Russian troops from all territories “occupied” by Russia, including Crimea. When has it been seen that the defeated country imposes conditions on the victor, whose actions are more than justified? What viability can the conclusions of that event have when the country to which the proposal is addressed has not been invited to it? What validity can the proposals have if the heads of state of the main world powers, such as Russia, the United States and China, will not be there? It is a propaganda show to try to isolate Russia. Moscow proposes a realistic plan to start negotiations; Ukraine must withdraw its troops from the new Russian territories - the Donetsk and Luhansk republics, as well as the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions -, refuse to join NATO and maintain neutral, non-aligned and non-nuclear status, while all sanctions against Russia must be lifted up. The farce is in Switzerland, the reality in Moscow, but Russophobia does not allow peace, it leads to war.

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