“How is it possible that with this country as screwed up as it is, Maduro has such a strong intention to vote. That is amazing. And we have to be serious, in the sense that this is not just because they have an electoral machine,” said a hired analyst, at a meeting of senior opposition leaders, where, by the way, La Interfecta was not present. I couldn't find out if it was because she didn't want to go or because she wasn't invited.

And the opposition is entering a total paranoia, where some of these leaders have described the "stupid people who still think of voting for these shitty Chavistas." The reaction is because they have just received the results of a sample, according to which Nicolás would beat Edmundo by a margin of 4 to 1.

Paranoia has taken over in such a way that the conclusion of some is that it is necessary to prepare to claim fraud, and wait for the ignorance of countries friendly to the opposition and the rejection that, of course, will come from the Mayan opposition, the most disastrous. of all. But the other problem is that, almost 48 days before the elections, they have not been able to put into motion any of the destabilization plans that they planned to execute. The reason is because La Interfecta is the one that is managing the 3,4 million greens that they gave it and has refused to authorize the disbursement to pay the shock brigades, so the few mobilizations that have been carried out are because she controls them, but the discontent inside is enormous.

Oscar Schémel states that “the processes of social destabilization use advanced techniques of psychological warfare and are carried out through a chained succession of extraordinary events that cause uncertainty, anguish, lack of protection and discontent with rage.”

Although the Venezuelan is dissatisfied with the reality he lives, he does not want to bet on violence, or any action that takes him out of his daily life, because he will reject it immediately. He still insists that the Government must resolve the country's economic situation, to return to its state of comfort. But at the same time, he perceives that there is a readjustment and that the economy is moving towards significant growth, despite the attacks of the enemy. For this reason, he believes that after the elections, the Government will begin to take the necessary steps to straighten out the economy, but he is rejecting any indication of violence. He already lived the traumatic experience of the guarimbas, which he paid for firsthand.

This new defeat of the opposition will force a recomposition, because the total loss of credibility throughout the world is also true.

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