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Another Diogenes but without a flashlight

Of the ancient philosophers, the one I sympathize with most is Diogenes the Cynic, also called the Dog.

He was a character who made limitations a virtue and, unlike many today, lived as he preached. He is remembered for the dialogue he had with Alexander the Great, conqueror of the known world, who admired the philosopher and went to the jar where Diogenes lived to offer him “whatever he wanted.”

The philosopher's response still resonates in the ears of decent people, who admire the depth of thought and coherence of life: "Get out of my way, you're blocking the sun from me," he said to the great soldier, who did nothing to him and several times he returned to visit him.

When they asked him why they called him the Dog, he replied: “Because I bark to ask for food and I bite whoever doesn't give it to me.” Another of his pranks was to walk around during the day with a lighted lantern or lamp when oil and wax were expensive goods. He did it to answer the questions “I'm looking for an honest man.” He never got it!

They were different times, but in more recent times in Venezuela we had a Diogenes. That citizen did not go around looking for honest men during the day and even less did he live in jars, this Diogenes liked to live in the vicinity of political power and had spent a large part of his life outside of Venezuela.

Venezuelans did not know of his existence but he was still nominated as President of an alleged transition from Andean power, where elections were of the third degree, towards modern democracy.

This Diogenes or rather his mentors saw their hopes frustrated when it was learned that the candidate was sick and completely crazy. There were, however, those who claimed that the Andeans knew about the madness of the second Diogenes, but they let the hopes of those who later formed AD run wild, to gain time.

Well: now a third Diogenes arrives in Venezuela without the flashlight of the first, without the presence of the second who boasted that he was a friend of the Yankee President and without the name, because this one is called EGU or “tapa.”

But just like the second, he intends to be President of a country that he does not know because he has been living abroad for decades, without having a party or honest people by his side.

He's not crazy... he thinks we're the crazy ones.

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