A video is spreading through the networks where a group of police officers and senior officers take over a street in San Fernando de Apure, to preach the word of Jehovah, of the Lord, the King, several names said.

It is the first video that I have seen, not in Venezuela, but in the entire world, of uniformed and armed police making harangues for evangelization. I think it is the greatest expression of the contradiction that people have. It seems to me that there is a law that prohibits uniformed police officers, during work hours, who should be catching thugs and robberies, which in Apure there are quite a few, by the way, from taking to the streets of a city to sing hallelujah, praise the Lord , with a gun on his belt and a microphone in his hand, so if at that moment a criminal passes by running by, they will shoot him in the name of the Lord. We saw five police officers speak, call out to the Lord and shout hallelujah. The video shows that there were not many people. Perhaps, because of the natural rejection that ordinary people have against the police; and not knowing if these are the police officers who will confront the criminals in defense of the citizens.

Young Power, which was one of the many anti-system expressions in the midst of the Cold War and against the Vietnam War, when the hippie movement was doing many great things, had a prayer that read: “God save you chicken/ full of feathers.” / if the cauldron grabs you / it leaves you without any.”

Enrique Dussel, the brilliant Argentine-Mexican philosopher, who died recently, has an entire dissertation on evangelization in Latin America, and talks about the ability of catechists to forcefully convince the aborigines to convert to Christianity. This was, in fact, one of the components that many years later, the Algerian philosopher Louis Althusser called the ideological apparatus of the State. Marx called religion the opium of the people, because it effectively leads to irrationality, the absence of reflection and turns people into blind followers of what their pastor says, who is anything but a true Christian, who teaches everything but the faith, and who has the nerve to tell you that if you can't tithe, then you can't go to church to hear the sermon. They have an ostentatiousness that astonishes, and they justify his wealth, throwing that cart at God, because he wanted him to be rich. Just as the Zionists say in the Torah, to wipe out the Palestinians.

I still believe that Marx was right

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