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There the orcs are in the middle of the square, sweating, exhaling hate, surrounding a human being, a young man, a dark-skinned boy. Everything is broadcast on television. Unusual! Something never seen before, they have doused it with gasoline and set it on fire.

Although the human pack resembles orcs, it is not a movie and even less fiction, they are radical sectors of the opposition in Venezuela that have burned a human being alive for being “Chavista.” The hatred that runs through his veins was stronger than reason: black and humble equal to a “Chavista thief.”

Interpreting Aristotle, hatred has no cure, hatred seeks to do evil, to cause harm (revenge, “we are going to collect”). Different from the one who feels anger who “in effect wants the one against whom he is angry to experience some pain in turn,” while the only thing that satisfies the one who feels hatred is that the other is eliminated, ceases to exist.

There is an opposition in Venezuela, whose alliance has been woven with blood ties (last names) that act as soldiers of the empire, true “American consuls”, who feel like Anglo-Saxons, white supremacy, who understand that sanctions are technologies of war that They act like cluster bombs, whose objective is the “mass elimination of the enemy.” (forced migration that leaves health without specialized personnel).

Hate is an individual and collective force that inhabits a filthy world, whose negative emotional atmosphere corrodes, absorbs, swallows, in which death and destruction go viral. In the movies, for example, in the Lord of the Rings saga you can see this image of the orcs and their leadership.

On July 2, as it passed through the Caribbean, Hurricane Beryl affected the state of Sucre in the east of the country, causing the Manzanares River to overflow, sweeping away the town of Cumanacoa, generating an emergency situation with human and material damage.
Immediately, even with the emergency brewing, the national government was present with the Vice President of the Republic Delcy Rodríguez, several ministers and specialists to serve the population.

The attacks of nature uprooted some trees and one of them fell on the work team, causing injuries.

While waiting for information on the health situation of those affected, the chains of hate and death were activated. Not pass! Love and nobility will triumph.

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